06 June 2010

The Club: Pin Up Parlor Art Exhibition, Kings Cross (3 June 2010)

33 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross NSW 2011

Nice art but expensive club

I'm a big fan of all styles of art and I think CNR Communications couldn't have chosen a more appropriate venue for this Pin Up Parlor group show art exhibition. The Club aka theclub, used to be where the strip tease club Dancers Cabaret resided, and now is owned by Julian Tobias who seems to be trying to make it the new hot spot for Sydney's social scene — as the website says theclub wants to be the place to see and be seen. Sydney already has plenty of pretentiousness to offer but it doesn't come more so than a $14 glass of house sparkling — what the f*#k! No wonder I couldn't find any drink menus at the bar otherwise I would have steered clear of ordering anything at such ridiculous prices. I guess theclub is more for A-list patrons and wannabes who have more dollars than cents and are willing to pay any price to be seen in this establishment.

I was primarily there for the art and thankfully it didn't disappoint. One of my favourite pieces was the Ladies of the Parlor ($2500) by artist Rachele Wiggins. The club decor on the other hand was less impressive with old wooden door panels being stuck to the ceiling and walls trying to give an unfinished rustic grunge feel but coming off more like incomplete building renovations that provided little class and sophistication — I think it used to be far more classier when it was a strip club. Sydney's bar scene is highly competitive and places like this have a small target audience which usually doesn't last for long when the next 'Emperor's New Clothes' bar opens down the road.

PROS: Located in the heart of Kings Cross bar and club scene, Poles, Interesting art
CONS: Exorbitant priced drinks served with pretentiousness and a slice of attitude
MUST TRY: Avoiding expensive drinks and pretentious bars

House sparking $14/glass

Official invitation

Selection of new works
Ladies of the Parlor ($2500) by artist Rachele Wiggins

Artist: Martin Claydon

Artist: Lucas Wyld

Back room art hanging

Pin up model performance

Ceiling decor using old wooden door panelling

Back room seating

Main bar seating and decor

Front patio seating


Richard Elliot said...

MUST TRY: Avoiding expensive drinks and pretentious bars

Sounds like you won't be going back! ;-)

Laura said...

I like the artwork by Martin Claydon

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi richard, not unless there's another cool art show but i'll know to avoid buying drink. especially when so many other art gallery openings provide complimentary drinks to their guest :-)

hi laura, pretty cool isn't it. i like it's cheekiness :-)

Martin Claydon said...

Hi Simon, I just stumbled across your review on the Pin-up Parlor at The Club in June 2010. I just wanted to congratulate you on your very accurate review. As one of the artist's that took part in that exhibition, I can tell you there was some disappointment in regards to the organisers' not matching the hard work that was put into the work on display. However you live and learn; it was a good experience. Would you be interested in reviewing more show's/venue's if they fit your general criteria down the line?

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi martin, thanks for dropping by and providing your comment. i'm glad i was accurate. hopefully you'll find a suitable venue for your next show. there's plenty of gallery spaces around the city to choose from. i'm sure you know them all. for any future gallery openings you might like to consider posting them on Free Exhibition Openings and Events in Sydney facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=32522610003 happy to come along to other shows and would usually review if there's something to drink or eat usually :-)

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