13 September 2010

Coogee Bakehouse: Orange and Poppyseed Cake, Coogee (12 Sept 2010)

142 Malabar Road, South Coogee NSW 2034

All the classic cakes

The owners of this fairly large bakery seem to sell all the classics you'd expect to find in your local bakery like meat pies, sausage rolls, lamingtons, lemon tarts, cupcakes, banana cake, chocolate brownies, coconut slice and rum balls to name just a few. I pick the decently sized Orange and Poppyseed cake ($3) with ample icing on top. It's not too dense although not too light as well. Flavour is OK and has the right amount of orange and poppyseed flavours you'd expect. As a takeaway it's squeezed into a light white paper bag which is prone to squashing accidents during transport. For delicate cakes like this a small wax lined box or tray would be more appropriate I think to aid in safe transporting. The cakes seem reasonably priced and they advertise as cooking everything on the premises so hopefully it's as fresh as it can be. There's basic seating inside which perhaps could do with a renovation to make it more cosy but I suspect most of the trade is takeaway.

PROS: Open 7 days, Plenty of street parking, Everything made on the premises, Reasonably priced, Fair amount of choices
CONS: Limited and simple indoor seating, Limited range of gluten free cakes
MUST TRY: Pies and sausage rolls next time

Orange and Poppyseed cake ($3)

Handle with care using paper bag take away

Cake display
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Anonymous said...

Make sure to try their quiches as well, they usually have a stack of them in the fridge so you can quickly pick one up for dinner. The vegie one is my favourite.

Also in reference to how fresh everything is, I usually go when they open about 7.30am and often have to wait for things to come out of the oven :)

Richard Elliot said...

They'd have to put their prices up if they gave you that fancy box you are looking for! ;-)

YaYa said...

Sigh, is there anything more delightful than staring into a full window display of baked goods?

doggybloggy said...

simon that cake is so perfect - and when I say perfect I mean perfect.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the tip about the quiches.

hi richard, i'd be happy with a slight price rise for a safe cake :-) doesn't have to be too fancy a box though or a simple cardboard tray at the very least like other bakeries sometimes do.

hi yaya, possibly a full window display of chocolates? hehe :-)

hi doggybloggy, if you know what a perfect cake is then i'll take your word for it. it does look pretty perfect though i must admit, that's why i bought it :-)

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