04 September 2010

Emads Lebanese Restaurant: $35 Super Banquet, Surry Hills (17 April 2010)

298 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Belly dance the night away

The long standing emads is perhaps not the best lebanese food around but they provide an intimate and cosy setting for groups to have a fun night out — especially when there's a belly dancer involved on Friday and Saturday nights. The Super Banquet will set you back $35 each and includes your classic menu items of bread, humous, babaganouge, tabouli, spinach pie, kebbe, falafel, lady fingers, lamb, chicken and kafta skewers, cabbage rolls, vine leaves, coffee and sweets. For the big eaters they'll love it but if you're not that hungry it will be a challenge to eat it all so perhaps order individual dishes to share — I certainly struggled finishing my fair share. The highlight of the night was actually the professional belly dancer whose energy brought a lot of life and laughter to the restaurant.

PROS: Belly dancing some nights, Reasonably priced, Cosy atmosphere and seating, Quick service
CONS: Food comes out quickly so hard to keep up before it goes cold, Coffee a bit grainier than what I've had in other places, Didn't see the babaganouge
MUST TRY: Ordering more interesting dishes from the menu

Super Banquet bread

Super Banquet humous

Super Banquet tabouli

Super Banquet spinach pie, kebbe, falafel, lady fingers

Super Banquet lamb, chicken and kafta skewers

Super Banquet cabbage rolls

Super Banquet vine leaves

Super Banquet coffee and sweets

Belly dancing performer

Banquet menu

Bill: $280 for 8, $35 each. The most basic bill I've possibly ever seen.


Richard Elliot said...

Emads has a run down charm all of it's own. I remember having a good night and some pretty good food.

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, run down charm is a good way to describe the place. with a good crowd and plenty of drinks any place becomes a good night i think :-)

Anonymous said...

the food is amazing by far the best Lebanese food i have tasted

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