11 September 2010

Mazda2 Big Night Out presents Briana's Big Burlesque Bizarre (2 Sept 2010)

243 Wilson Street, Darlington NSW 2015

Excellent party atmosphere

This Mazda2 sponsored event would have to be one of the best organised corporate parties I've ever been to and thankfully I won a double pass through a Sydney Unleashed competition and received notification from Eli Wallis from Style Counsel just a day before. I was very impressed with how it was managed with friendly party hostesses welcoming guests from outside Carriageworks and directing them towards the red carpet entry into a stunning burlesque themed hall. The nights theme was vintage-inspired glamour and the burlesque shows were of a very professional standard and engaged the audience throughout the night. There was an abundance of drinks including cocktails and the canapés prepared by Forte Catering & Events which were very good. The pastry wrapped prawns were my favourite and similar in style to the ones I've enjoyed so much at Efendy.

After being entertained by 4 burlesque performances in the first room the guests were welcomed into a larger room where DJ Havana Brown warmed up the crowd and Fuzzy and Paul McDermott were the MCs of the night. An amazing aerial silk performance dazzled the crowd from high above before Briana Bluebell graced us with her presence with a great show supported by the other performers. Briana's final headline choice was Gyroscope who rocked the night away. As a special treat for guests free makeup and a lounge photo booth was available plus a candy station to satisfy your sugar cravings in of course the red and black coloured theme.

PROS: Professional performances, Friendly staff, Tasty food circulated in plentiful supply, Delicious, Excellent decor and theme
CONS: Couldn't drink too much because I drove :-(
MUST TRY: Enjoying more prawns wrapped in pastry

Video highlights

Pastry wrapped prawns

Fresh rolls

Frittata style canapé (?)

Compressed rice canapés (?)

Beef wrapped around sugarcane (?)

Thai chicken salad

Meatballs and rice

Candy station

Performers and MCs
Rita Fontaine


Rita Fontaine, Hayley Jane, Danica Lee, Holly J'aDoll, Briana Bluebell

Paul McDermott and Briana Bluebell

Briana Bluebell


Fuzzy and Paul McDermott

DJ in the house
DJ Havana Brown

Crowd and atmosphere

Opportunistic photo time
Welcoming party hostesses and Me

Farewell party hostesses and Me

Goodie bag including Grazia magazine

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sara said...

Great looking spread .. beautiful costumes and wow the food..


thang @ noodlies said...

does look v slick! food looks yum too.

Julie said...

Pastry wrapped prawns!! I want I want! The food looks fantastic and for finger food definitely very generous!


Yum Yum Yum...i want some of those prawns now!

Look likes it was an incredible night.
Briana is such a star.

Great Blog :)


Simon Food Favourites said...

hi sara, plus great music and plenty of drinks. can't ask for anything more than that for a perfect party night. i wished i didn't have to go to work the next day though.

hi thang, it was one of those parties that i'd always wished i could have but of course would have cost a fortune.

hi julie, i could have eaten a whole tray of those delicious prawns :-)

hi nardivile, thanks for dropping by. was such a fun night i wish everyone could have experienced :-)

Anonymous said...

How was Paul McDermott as a host? I liked him on gnw but

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, the world works in mysterious ways i guess :-)

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