11 October 2010

Simon weighs in before his Super Size Me trip to the USA (11 Oct 2010)

Super Size Me USA

I'm about to fly out to the USA for 4 weeks so I thought I'd weigh myself in to see how the big meals I hear so much about will affect me. Of course I'm sure they'll be heaps of walking which will counteract the food intake, perhaps even shed some weight if I'm lucky. Here I come San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and Honolulu with my approximate starting weight of 78.5 kg (minus camera). Thanks for all the reader comments about places to eat in the USA — I hope to spend some considerable time reading through all the suggestions when I arrive. One of my personal goals is to see how I go with eating a McDonalds Big Mac with super sized fries and a coke like on the Super Size Me documentary movie. I'm keen to see how big this mother is going to be in relation to what we get in Sydney. I promise to eat better food after this.

Day 1 – Simon weighing in at approximately 78.5 kg before USA — perhaps minus weight of camera.


Laura said...

ohhhh have fun.

sugarpuffi said...

you are a brave man putting your weight on show on the internet!! ill never do that :P
have fun in americaland and eat lots of reese cups (i heard theyre really good!)

Anonymous said...

Your toes are funny! :o) Have a good trip!

Ladybird said...

Simon, I take my hat off to you - I would positively DIE if my weight was published publicly! :P

Hope you have a fantastic trip - enjoy!

Sara @ Belly Rumbles said...

One of the big differences between man and woman. Woman shalt never reveal her weight publicly!

Have an awesome trip. I know I was only over there start of this year, but truly jealous :p

Richard Elliot said...

I'm sure they'll be heaps of walking which will counteract the food intact, perhaps even shed some weight if I'm lucky.

Fat chance!!!! Enjoy.

YaYa said...

Brave, brave man, shudder!

PIE-314 said...

Oo have a great month! There is... a lot of candy here due to the commercialisation of Halloween.
You should visit a Costco and freak out at the size of the pizza. I am not kidding. They are more insane than the word "ridiculous" can describe.

fromblank said...

Have a great trip! can't wait to see the food updates!!


Gianna@TheEmptyFridge said...

have fun simon! Will you be game enough to put your weight up when you return??

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi laura, thanks heaps.

hi sugarpuffi, i know, what have i done ;-) i'll look out for the reese cups, i've yet to try!

hi anonymous, they are a bit funny aren't they hehe but perhaps it's the angle :-)

hi ladybird, i guess guys are different to talking about their weight. thanks for the travel wishes.

hi sara, i sure know about that, even privately they won't tell their weight. looking forward to the eating but not the tipping :-)

hi richard, hehe one can only try :-)

hi yaya, fearless blogger i am ;-)

hi pie-314, i can't wait to find one if i come across one.

hi fromblank, thanks for the wishes

hi gianna, of course i'll share the weight when i get back. hoping it's the same or less but that's probably wishful thinking. i can feel the high fructose corn syrup clogging my arteries already :-(

Anonymous said...

Simon, I am an American who moved to Australia. I lost about 6 kilos during my first six months in Sydney. You would probably gain that much. Yes food is excessive in America, high quantity but lower quality than in Australia. I like the Aussie way better, smaller portions but much higher quality than the rubbish in North America. By the way San Francisco and NYC tend to be more healthy than most American cities.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi anonymous, thankfully i only gained about 1 kilo but i think it's because i did a lot of walking and sightseeing each day as well. i concur with your assessment of high quanity but lower quality than in Australia. thankfully i did find some nice eating places in San Fran and NYC which had above average food for my taste buds :-)

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