07 March 2011

Uccello: March into Merivale $33 menu, Sydney (2 March 2011)

Level 4, 320 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Poolside dining in style

March into Merivale is now in full swing so a work colleagues birthday lunch brings me to Uccello to celebrate and to take advantage of the $33 menu including a glass of wine. One of the unique features about the restaurant is the crystal clear pool so be sure to ask for a table in viewing distance. Complimentary bread goes very nicely with the quality Joseph Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Primo Estate.

I choose the Chandon Sauvignon Blanc to go with my Baked spatchcock, roast carrots with lemon & black olives ($33 including wine). Four smallish yet very tasty and moist pieces of spatchcock have a thin crispy skin. The black olives add a nice dimension to the dish. Thankfully there's only one bone per piece to watch out for and serves as an easy holding point if you're OK with using your hands like me. There's no complaints about the Crisp skin fillet of Ocean Trout, kipfler potatoes, piquillo peppers, white anchovies & parsley. although at first glance I actually thought the potatoes were like the grilled gnocchi I had at Bécasse with the Roasted fillet of barramundi — actually that would have possibly been a nice match as well if they were. I had dish envy for the Chickpea linguini, prawns, zucchini flowers and basil which had a decent amount of prawn meat to be found and nicely balanced flavours throughout — be sure someone orders this one if you don't.

Desserts are always tempting but unfortunately there's little available time today so hopefully on my next visit. Service seemed efficient and welcoming enough although could have perhaps been slightly more down-t0-earth and relaxed at times. Toilets are located one level down on level 3 which can be accessed to the side corner of the pool. Even if you don't need to go you should check them out just for the mirror balls installed, crazy yet fun. The visit has left me wanting to try other dishes from the a la carte menu which looked pretty good as I noticed them being served to other tables of clearly more suited business lunches.

Other visits to Uccello:
30 Mar 2011 – March into Merivale: Champagne Tasting
2 Mar 2011 – March into Merivale: $33 menu

PROS: Poolside views and nice atmosphere, Well presented and tasty dishes, Efficient service
CONS: Forgot my bathing togs for a swim, Toilets are downstairs on level 3 but the mirror balls make up for it (be sure to check them out)
MUST TRY: Other March into Merivale $33 menus

Complimentary bread

Table condiments: Joseph Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and pepper

Chandon Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp skin fillet of Ocean Trout, kipfler potatoes, piquillo peppers, white anchovies & parsley ($33 including glass of wine)

Chickpea linguini, prawns, zucchini flowers and basil ($33 including glass of wine)

Baked spatchcock, roast carrots with lemon & black olives ($33 including glass of wine)

March into Merivale $33 menu including glass of wine

Sides menu in case you're a little extra hungry

Dessert menu for extra temptations


Pool views

Changeroom and toilets on level 3

Changeroom lounge on level 3

Humorous lift signs

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joey@FoodiePop said...

Haven't decided to do any March Into Merivale events yet, but there's still time. Ucello looks good and I wouldn't mind sitting by the pool. :-)

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Lunch is so corporate... :P Agreed that the linguine looks fab!

susan said...

I have never been to any of these events. How I wish to work in the Sydney CBD!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi joey, plenty of time still. you could even just go to uccello for a drink near the pool and get some bar snacks i think.

hi tina, gotta love your corporate lunches but it's a shame have to go back to work after

hi susan, the city has so many great events

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