29 April 2011

Jazushi: Japanese and Jazz, Surry Hills (11 Feb 2011)

145 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Japanese with a side of jazz

If you’re going to book a table I suggest requesting the front dining area as this seems to have the best atmosphere and lighting — although not for taking photos of food if you’re in to that crazy thing because the nice ambient lighting will play havoc on your white balance. I generally find Japanese service very good but the service here was exceptionally polite and friendly — gold star. As you sit down complimentary edamame are provided so no need to order these. Glasses of NV Jazushi Classic Dry White Wine ($7) and 2010 Crowded House Sauvignon Blanc ($9) are quaffable and fairly well-priced not to break the bank. My Natural oyster with ponzu sauce ($3.50) is beautifully presented and I’m told from Tasmania — I would have preferred more specifics. I’m not sure if it’s freshly shucked because it’s lacking natural brine but it’s decent and passable.

The Sashimi set chef's selection with tuna, kingfish, scallop, salmon ($23 regular) is nicely presented and fresh — I tend to usually prefer the salmon. The Grilled scallop ($8 for 2 pieces) is nicely flavoured although a touch oily due to the garlic butter and I'm thinking topped with perhaps a few too many ingredients which compete with the scallop. Prawn tempura ($12 for 4 pieces) has a great crispy batter as hoped and comes with an interesting green salt and curry salt for dipping. Continuing with deep fried dishes the generous sized JFC Jazushi Fried Chicken ($21) has tiny bits of plate garnishing that don’t really add anything to the dish reminding me of Jacques Reymond. I’m not sure if I was just overloaded with fatty food or if this dish was just a bit heavy and rich. The Crispy Soft Shell Crab ($23) had a crispy batter and cut up for your easy dining pleasure although I wished it came with some sort of salad.

For dessert the Green tea crème brûlée ($10) was an interesting combination to challenge the taste buds which seemed to work OK but I still prefer the classic vanilla bean. A side of vanilla ice cream sat on a bed of caramelised corn flakes. The jazz band was pretty good when they didn't play too loud and the table setting could be considered quite cosy and bordering on maybe a bit too close together.

PROS: Exceptionally polite and friendly service, Interesting dishes, Good quality sashimi, Free live entertainment, Nice décor at the front
CONS: Upstairs courtyard doesn’t have air conditioning, Tables are quite close together which affects intimacy, Some strange dish garnishing with tiny pieces of tomato makes me think why? Could be considered slightly pricey
WORTH TRYING: Prawn tempura

Table setting complimentary edamame

NV Jazushi Classic Dry Margaret River ($7), 2010 Crowded House Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough NZ ($9)

Natural oyster with ponzu sauce ($3.50)

Sashimi set chef's selection with tuna, kingfish, scallop, salmon ($23 regular)

Grilled scallop with garlic butter and saikyo miso sauce ($8 for 2 pieces)

Prawn tempura with green salt, curry salt, tartar sauce and bonito sauce ($12 for 4 pieces)

JFC Jazushi Fried Chicken with yuzu citrus sauce on a bed of home-made tartar sauce ($21)

Crispy Soft Shell Crab with miso tomato sauce ($23)

Green tea Crème brule [brûlée] with vanilla ice cream ($10)

Jazz band

Downstairs seating

Back room seating

Upstairs courtyard seating


joey@FoodiePop said...

I've never been in the upstairs courtyard or the back room. From memory the food was good here, but it has been a while.

Von said...

Nice photos. I loved the food here a few weeks ago and the Jazz duo on Friday night was good. The service was a bit slow, but they were super nice.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi joey, i think most people if they don't visit the bathroom wouldn't know about the back room or upstairs unless it's really busy and they have to seat people there.

hi von, glad to hear you enjoyed the food and the service was super nice. i guess if the service gets too slow it's a chance to listen more to the music :-)

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