26 July 2011

The Goood Pizza: Pizza by the slice, Martin Place, Sydney (20 July 2011)

Martin Place Shopping Circle, Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9233 5646
CLOSED August 2011

It's all about the dough

I've passed this place so many times over the years and have never considered trying it because I don't usually consider having pizza for lunch — mainly because I consider pizza one of those takeaway meals that wouldn't be a healthy option. I learnt the dough made by Pizza Chef Samuel at The Goood Pizza is for 96 hours before cooking. This makes it very light, airy and full of bubbles and also apparently a lot more digestible. The base came out crispy as hoped and the toppings are kept simple yet flavoursome and perhaps a bit more experimental than your usual combinations. Previously I tried the Spicy Cherry Tomato ($3 per slice) where you can really appreciated the quality of the base. The topping had a bit of a chilli kick to it. This time I tried the Potato & White Truffle ($4 per slice) made with real white truffle paste and not the synthetic truffle oil. It had a lovely aroma and the flavours worked nicely together. The Eggplant, Salami & Blue Cheese ($3.50 per slice) was excellent and my favourite so far. Full of flavour and a good combination of ingredients that tasted great.

Square slices are cut as required which helps keep the pizza from drying out to much. Slices are then reheated for a couple of minutes in an oven behind the service counter. Takeaway is available or if you can find a seat it's served on a wooden board which I think is the best way to enjoy it. If your peckish then a slice would probably do as a nice snack on the run. If your hungry then you'll need at least two slices. If you're very hungry or built like a fridge then you'll definitely need to consider having three or more slices to fill you up. The slices aren't particularly large but you'd be hard pressed to find a better quality pizza base in the city and the minimal use of cheese also helps keep it a healthier option than most average pizzas. If you're interested in how the dough is made and cooked then check out the informative videos below although I'll prewarn you they are also pretty cheesy and could have perhaps been done more simpler without all the crazy effects (a Star Wars fan it seems) and looooong drawn out intro.

Best Pizza Dough Lesson Part 1 – Making dough
(12:51 mins)

Best Pizza Dough Lesson Part 2 – Cooking process
(8:36 mins)

PROS: Good quality dough and ingredients, Won't leave you feeling too bloated and heavy, Crispy base, Simple yet tasty toppings, Interesting menu toppings, Reasonably priced for a quick snack, Catering available
CONS: Square slices might be considered smallish to some and might not be filling enough, Limited seating, Informative yet cheesy videos on how to make and cook the dough, Toppings available change daily so your favourite may not always be available when you want it
MUST TRY: Eggplant, Salami & Blue Cheese, Other topping options next time

Eggplant, Salami & Blue Cheese ($3.50 per slice)

Potato & White Truffle ($4 per slice)

Spicy Cherry Tomato ($3 per slice) — check out the bubbles

Potato & White Truffle ($4 per slice) — check out the bubbles

Spicy Cherry Tomato ($3 per slice), Potato & White Truffle ($4 per slice)

Eggplant, Salami & Blue Cheese ($3.50 per slice), Mash Potato & Four Cheese ($3.50 per slice)

Menu with daily selections highlighted

Samuel the pizza chef

Takeaway available

Loyalty card for those who ask, Chilli flakes for a bit more kick

Limited seating and menu board


Anonymous said...

Good idea to serve pizzas by the slice, sometimes you just want a bite and not the whole thing. Your favourites do sound tasty.

OohLookBel said...

I've never looked twice at this place, but I will now! A slice of truffle pizza for lunch sounds perfect.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

The base reminds me of Turkish bread! Hmmm, I think I feel like pizza for lunch too...

msihua said...

I agree with Tina, it looks more like Turkish bread... at first I thought it was flaky like a spanakopita pastry.. but still looks good :)

Richard Elliot said...

Those videos are crazy! I'm afraid I had to give up after a couple of minutes...

JasmyneTea said...

LOL built like a fridge. Great review, if I'm in the area will definitely try it out, you got me craving pizza!

Anonymous said...

Sadly they closed this week - due to undisclosed personal reasons

Anonymous said...

Working near Martin Place, this was a frequent treat. Now it is closed and I dont know where I can get Sydney's best pizza slices. If someone hears anything about this place showing up somewhere else, please post it! I dont know how long I can last without this pizza place!

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