02 July 2011

Stoli Vodka 'Original' Blogger Event at Sol Lounge Bar, Darlinghurst (23 June 2011)

239 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Being infused with Stoli Vodka

Thanks to Beau from Polkadot PR for inviting me to this very intimate event of around 20 bloggers to sample some original Stoli Vodka cocktails by Bartender Luke Ashton and tasty canapés by Chef Matty Bee. It was quite a relaxed event and due to the small number of guests it allowed most people to have a seat which was nice and there was no worries about easily sampling the food and drinks stress-free.

Chef Matty Bee apparently used to work for Longrain and he’s cooking skills were evident. His Bloody Mary Oyster Shots with Asian Celery was brilliant using Coffin Bay Oysters which are one of my favourites. Great flavours which punch that didn’t hold back until the last drop — I eventually stopped myself by the fifth one, I think. The nicely presented Rare Seared Tuna with Stoli Vodka infused Black Bean, Cucumber and Ginger Dressing was a melt-in-your-mouth sensation and the Blue Cheese Balls with Walnut Dust with Stoli Vodka macerated Cherry Tomato was certainly well-flavoured by the blue cheese. I openly declared the Szechuan Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings better than District Dining and still stand by my decision — they were seriously wicked and I want the recipe please. My childhood pyromaniac tendencies were excited with the Torched Marshmallow Skewers although I can’t remember seeing the Melted Chilli Stoli Vodka Chocolate that was listed on the menu. Unfortunately Sydney will now miss Matty’s cooking as he was about to jet set off the following week to New York to work in a fine dining restaurant — I hope it all goes well for you there.

Bartender Luke Ashton looked comfortable making cocktails and first up on the menu was the Twist on the Classic Dirty Martini. Quite alcoholic as you’d expect although I couldn’t quite get used to the dehydrated smoked olive and licorice ash rim — I like it dirty but perhaps not that dirty. His signature cocktail of the The Tsarina was much more to my liking which used Stoli Razberi. The Vodka and Soda with a bespoke spiced rhubarb soda was the easiest cocktail to drink and the most refreshing. My fourth cocktail was a special request for something different. With the available ingredients at Luke’s disposal he made me a Lemon & Mandarin Gimlet. Lethal on the alcohol but worked quite nicely with the lemon and mandarin notes. It probably would have gone well with a bit of Cointreau to round the flavours with some extra sweetness.

PROS: Interesting and intimate venue space, Excellent canapés by Chef Matty Bee, Relaxed atmosphere, Generous goodie bag of delights
CONS: Was a school night, I didn't get to try a straight shot of Stoli out of the freezer to appreciate its smoothness, Chef Matty Bee cooking has gone to New York
MUST TRY: Getting the recipe for Chef Matty Bee’s Bloody Mary Oyster Shots with Asian Celery and Szechuan Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings — please!

Bloody Mary Oyster Shots with Asian Celery

Chef Matty Bee plating up with Yarra Valley Caviar

Rare Seared Tuna with Stoli Vodka infused Black Bean, Cucumber and Ginger Dressing

Blue Cheese Balls with Walnut Dust with Stoli Vodka macerated Cherry Tomato

Szechuan Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings

Torched Marshmallow Skewers with Melted Chilli Stoli Vodka Chocolate + homemade Macarons

Canape menu

Megachef Premium Fish Sauce, Premium Oyster Sauce — Chef Matty Bee swears by this brand

Bartender Luke Ashton

A Twist on the Classic Dirty Martini: Smoked olives steeped in Stoli Vodka then topped with straight Stoli, with a dehydrated smoked olive and licorice ash rim

The Tsarina - Stoli Razberi, Mandarin Napoleon, Luxardo, A dash of Peach Bitters, fresh lemon juice and fresh pink grapefruit juice. Garnised with a mandarin twist

A play on the popular Vodka and Soda - Stoli Vodka combined with a bespoke spiced rhubard soda

Look at the size of those ice cubes

Lemon & Mandarin Gimlet — Something off the menu

Cocktail menu

Fee Brothers 1864 Peach Bitters — haven't seen this one before

Photographer captured 4 ways

Stoli bar

Upstairs seating and decor

Cheeky Stoli drinkers

Sharing a Boy Moments

Downstairs bar

Stairs between downstairs and upstairs

Goodie bag including bottle of Stoli, Sami's Kitchen Falafel Spice Blend, Blackbird Chocolate Hot Chocolate Spoon, Guylian chocolates, Byron Bay Cookies Museli Cookie, Franc Essential body care, Yankee Candle, Lunch Voucher for City Hotel and double movie pass to The Trip.

Outside Sol Lounge

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Mrs Woog said...

It was a great night indeed and the food and cocktails were to DIE for xxx

BeauGK said...

This is an amazing review - it was an absolute pleasure meeting and having you along! We all love reading your reviews so it is great to see you shared the excitement and love for the event that we did!

ps. thanks for the mention!

xx B

chocolatesuze said...

omgs how good was the fried chicken! perfect with the tsarina!

Dolly said...

id want to try the Blue Cheese Balls

yum cheese~~

Simon Leong said...

hi mrs wong, a night to certainly remember

hi beau, great to meet you too

hi chocolatesuze, one of the best fried chicken i've had in Sydney

hi dolly, can't go wrong with cheeeeese :-)

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