12 August 2011

York 75: Sports Bar serving spirits by the bottle, CBD Sydney (23 Dec 2010)

Hotel CBD, Level 2, 75 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Spirits by the bottle — game on!

“Now watching sport doesn't mean compromising on comfort, service or atmosphere – sit back in our leather booths that seat 8 and also include full waitress table service. Or simply enjoy watching the game on one of the 20 screens throughout the bar.”

I never knew this bar existed until some friends invited me along for a casual drink and meal. It's tucked away on level 2 from the busy street below. They do have promotional advertising around the ground floor of the CBD Hotel but I'm sure most people like me have just walked past thinking it was for the ground floor bar. I like the sporty decor even though I'm not really a sporty person because it's something a bit different and interesting. If you like your sports then the abundance of screens will surely please including one at your table if you get a booth. Keep in mind once you're seated at a booth you're pretty much stuck unless your companions get out to let you out. For an American-style bar it's surprising to see no American beers available but you can buy spirits by the bottle which I've come across in Las Vegas nightclubs. Fancy a Belvedere Pure Vodka ($190), Tanqueray Gin ($168) or Hendricks Gin ($210) served with ice, citrus fruits and mixers or perhaps go-hard-or-go-home with Hennessy XO Cognac ($426).

The BBQ chicken wings ($8.50) is a generous serving although for my taste buds it could be more spicy and preferably with a crispy coating. The Spicy potato chips, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce ($8.50) is as hoped and for extra bite just add some Bone Suckin's Sauce Habanero sauce from the condiments selection. The Eggplant lasagne ($16) sounded like a healthy option on the menu but there's a lot of cheese in the dish. Perhaps a better balance of eggplant might have been better. The Chicken schnitzel, salad and french fries with roasted garlic mayo or gravy ($16) and The biSTRODE burger ($18) is pretty standard tasty fare to fill the stomach, especially if you're challenging your liver with a 1.5 litre Carlsburg jug ($20).

PROS: Spirits available by the bottle if you dare and can afford it, Beers available by the jug, For the sports fanatic, Interesting decor and reasonably priced bar menu
CONS: No american beers available (although perhaps that's a good thing?), Female toilets on different level (doesn't effect me though), Can't get out of booths easily
MUST TRY: Spirit by the bottle

1.5 litre jug Carlsburg beer ($20)

BBQ chicken wings ($8.50)

Spicy potato chips, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce ($8.50)

Eggplant lasagne ($16)

Chicken schnitzel, salad and french fries with roasted garlic mayo or gravy ($16)

The biSTRODE burger ($18)

Table condiments including Bone Suckin's Sauce Habanero sauce

Bar menu

Tap and bottled beer menu — where's the Budweiser though?

Sparkling and white wine menu

Red and Rosé wine menu

Spirits by the bottle — now we're talking!

Bar philosophy

Sports memorabilia and table condiments

Snooker table and sports screen at your table

One way of getting in and out of the booth


sugarpuffi said...

lol love the photo where u captured the girl climbing in the booth! made me laugh so hard!

Ramen Raff said...

The biSTRODE burger looks like my kinda burger. I'll have to give it a go.

Tricia Miller said...

biSTRODE burger definitely made me hungry. I want to grab some of that when I get to visit this place. I think my boyfriend will enjoy this place since he's a sports junkie.

Oh I'm interested with the Spirit by the Bottle. What is that? Is that some kind of alcoholic drink? I think you missed putting the picture or something.

Richard Elliot said...

Buying spirits by the bottle is pretty popular in Bangkok nightclubs that my Thai friends have taken me to. If you don't drink the whole bottle, they will keep it for your return visit.

Looks like a similar idea although the prices are a lot higher!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Check out the sauce rack! And that burger... and lasagne!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

Love the decor! I feel like a huntsman would settle in perfectly lol.. mm that beef patty looks good!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think no American beers is good. Food looks very much like American junk :/

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