28 December 2011

Nudie: Nothing But Oranges Juice (27 Dec 2011)

Only 100% juice

Failing to find my usual Preshafruit juice in Woolworths I spotted Nudie's orange juice made with only 100% oranges so I thought I'd give it a try. You can see the pulp inside the bottle so after a 'shake it like you mean it' it was ready to drink. At first it tasted quite tart to me so it definitely didn't have any sugar added. The taste reminded me of the times when I used to freshly squeeze oranges when the oranges might not have been the most sweetest. The next day I tried it again and it seemed to have mellowed a bit so wasn't such a shock on the palate. It definitely tasted like freshly squeezed orange juice and possibly one I'll keep in mind for next time.

PROS: No concentrate, No added sugar, No additives or preservatives, Australian oranges
CONS: To be consumed within 4-5 days although I think Preshafruit juices seem to last longer once opened
MUST TRY: Doing a taste test to compare to the Preshafruit orange juice

Nudie nothing but 5 1/4 oranges juice ($1.99, 500 mL)

No added sugar, additives or perservatives

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