05 September 2010

Preshafruit: 100% Australian Pressurised Cold Valencia Orange Juice (5 Sept 2010)

117 Derrimut Drive, Derrimut VIC 3030

100% Australian juice

I usually buy Berri Australian Fresh Breakfast Juice in the supermarket but today I thought I'd try something different and noticed the clean, simple and distinctive three-sided Preshfruit packaging which clearly shows off the fruit juice contents. I could see the pulp in the Valencia ($4.99/1 litre) which was settling down the bottom of the bottle leaving the top of the juice quite clear. Advertised as Pressurised Cold I wasn't really sure what that meant but it all sounded healthier so it worked on me. The proof is in the pudding or the juice in this case and it did have a very nice clean freshly squeezed taste to it which I was hoping for — I'm tempted to try the other flavours now. I noticed the use by date was 11 Jan 2011 which is quite amazingly long for fresh juice while my usual Berri juice is due in about 3 weeks — can this be right? Berri needs to be consumed within 5-7 days of opening but I didn't see any information about how long Preshfruit will last once opened — hopefully just as long if not longer?

PROS: 100% Australian, No concentrate, No perservatives, No Sweeteners, No colours, Nice clean taste, Long shelf life
CONS: More expensive than other brands
MUST TRY: Other flavours to compare

Preshafruit Valencia ($4.99/1 litre Coles) and my usual Berri Breakfast Juice (right)

Pressurised Cold not Heat Pasteurised

Contains no concentrates, preservatives, sweetners or colours

Nutritional information

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BGDino said...

Hmmm... I'm a bit skeptical of how the juice can stay good that long without preservatives...

Anonymous said...

The granny smith juice is perfect. It has that ideal granny smith edge.

UBD's mean nothing to me. I devour the juices too rapidly to be worried. Pigee me!

Matt said...

Simon, thanks for enjoying our juice! It should last you up to a month in the fridge once opened.

BGDino, you can be skeptical no more! High Pressure Processing is a revolutionary food process that increases shelf life and vitamin retention WITHOUT preservative at all! Asta La Vista Preservatives!!

For more details check out preshafruit.com.au


Simon Leong said...

hi BGDino, very strange for me too but looks like Preshafruit has confirmed it.

hi anonymous, granny smith is next on my list to try.

hi matt, thanks for the extra info. this suits me really well because i usually find 4-7 days just a bit to quick for me so anything longer is great. there's quite a few other juices on the market which have no preservatives as well but having the longer shelf life and open date life is a big advantage :-)

Fluid Complex said...

You'll find that other juices that don't have preservatives are likely to be heat pasteurised (as opposed to cold pressurised like Preshafruit) which has the effect of destroying a lot of of the flavour and nutrition. Hence the added benefit of Preshafruit is much more than just the shelf-life - it tastes better and is healthier for you!

Simon Leong said...

hi rado, thanks for the info. very informative. sounds like the way of the future in terms of juice preparation :-)

Bushwhacked said...

I've tried most of them now and they're the best bottled juices I've tasted. More expensive but the quality is noticable and actually tastes like the fruit they're made from. That's a nice change when you live in outback NT and the freshest thing you're likely to find out here is road kill.

Simon Leong said...

hi Bushwhacked, quality rather than quantity it seems. i haven't really come across a better tasting orange juice. enjoy the roadkill when you can in NT ;-)

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