25 December 2011

Product Test: Dreamfarm Garject, Garlic Press (22 Dec 2011)

Well-built garlic press

Thanks to Liz Goopy from Dreamfarm for sending me a product sample of the Garject ($39.95) which they consider to be the world's best garlic press. It's quite ergonomic to hold and feels solidly built. Definitely much nicer than the cheap one I already have in my possession and after crushing 3 garlic cloves it was also noticeably easier to clean. It did a good job at crushing the garlic cloves quite finely. The ejecting button for the garlic skin seems to work quite well although be sure to turn the handles back on themselves so the bits stuck in the holes get pushed out before ejecting the peel which I forgot to do in my video test below. I actually didn't realise it had a built in scraper as well so I probably didn't need to use my knife to scrap the garlic — force of habit.

PROS: Solidly built, Pretty easy to use, Crushes garlic well, Quite ergonomic, Fairly easy to clean
CONS: Funny name but I guess that's what Dreamfarm is known for, Perhaps not the cheapest garlic press on the market
MUST TRY: Using it again and seeing if the scraper works

Dreamfarm Garject

Peel garlic — possibly use this 10 second technique

Garlic peel ejector

Freshly crushed garlic


Gummi Baby said...

Hmmm, I am yet to be convinced! Having small hands, I have trouble getting enough downward pressure to crush the garlic, hence my not owning a traditional garlic crusher. I have one which rolls the clean cloves into bits but is not easy to clean! Will definitely be taking a look at this one! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :D

Unknown said...

ohhh nicee, I didn't even realise such things existed haha it seems so handy

Simon Leong said...

hi gummi baby, i'm thinking most garlic crushers require some strength in gripping and applying force to crush the garlic cloves. possibly the dreamfarm might work well because it has long handles so the leverage might help to make it easier. you can always borrow mine to test out if you like.

hi shanshan, dreamfarm seem to design a lot of things that you'd think didn't exist for a specific purpose.

Paul Harrison said...

Why did you peel the garlic? Presses like that can crush it without you having to peel it first.

Simon Leong said...

hi paul, i didn't realise that. i'll have to try next time. that would save so much time. i hope it works. would make crushing garlic so much easier.

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