19 April 2012

Taste Test: Paddy the Baker Irish Soda Bread (15 & 30 Mar 2012)

Luck of the Irish soda

Thanks to Gerard 'Paddy' Winston (pictured above) for providing samples of his breads and jams to taste test. I remember spotting his stand at the Good Food & Wine Show 2011 but never had a chance to try at the time with all the seagull tasting crowds around him. His Irish Soda Bread ($6.50) is something very new for me to try — I never knew this style of bread existed. It's quite dense and different to what I'm used to so I think it's a bit of an acquired taste for me. I preferred it toasted but it's even better with butter or some sort of topping. I preferred the Seriously Seedy Soda Bread ($7.50) which was more to my liking with plenty of seeds that made it more tasty for me. The Irish Potato Bread ($5.50) was my preferred favourite which I'd happily have again. Heating it up in a sandwich toaster seemed to work a treat and it went very well with the Mixed Berry Jam ($7) which had excellent flavour. Would make a great base for a canapé with some crème fraiche, smoked salmon and dill. A second tasting delivery came with some Spotted Dick ($7.95) filled with sultanas for flavour. I much preferred it toasted with a liberal spread of butter. I think it would also work with some candied citrus peel in the mix for extra zing. The Irish Whiskey Marmalade ($7) and Irish Raspberry Jam ($7) both had very good flavour and consistency. The jars are quite small so it's more a case of quality rather than quantity to justify the price.

PROS: 100% natural, No yeast, No preservatives or additives, Low GI, Jams are excellent with lots of flavour
CONS: Acquired taste for the Irish Soda Bread but it does have its fans, Available in limited locations but can be bought online, Jam jars are quite small — quality over quantity
MUST TRY: All jams, Irish Potato Bread, Spotted Dick just for the name alone

Seriously Seedy Soda Bread ($7.50), Irish Soda Bread ($6.50), Irish Potato Bread ($5.50), Mixed Berry Jam ($7)

Irish Soda Bread ($6.50)

Seriously Seedy Soda Bread ($7.50)

Irish Potato Bread ($5.50)

Spotted Dick ($7.95)

Mixed Berry Jam ($7)

Irish Whiskey Marmalade ($7), Irish Raspberry Jam ($7)

Irish Raspberry Jam ($7)

Irish Whiskey Marmalade ($7)

Taste Test Survey: Seriously Seedy Soda Bread, Irish Soda Bread, Irish Potato Bread, Mixed Berry Jam

Taste Test Survey: Spotted Dick, Raspberry Jam, Irish Whiskey Marmalade

The tasting table

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