28 June 2012

Sushi Park: Japanese, CBD Sydney (27 June 2012)

309 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Japanese with no park

Thanks to Michael Dimento for emailing me in May 2011 to try Sushi Park. I finally got around to trying his recommendation of Prawn Tempura Udon and Sushi ($14) and the Steam dumplings ($3, 5 pieces). The soup was served hot and topped with fresh vegetable. It was a decent portion and the broth was tasty enough, especially after you added the side of chilli powder. Unfortunately the prawn tempura was rather disappointing as the batter was very thick and not as crispy and thin as hoped. The sushi was OK although I think it's prepared in advance and just taken out of the plastic takeaway containers from the counter display when needed for dine ins. The dumplings looked good and the pastry thin and light as hoped although the filling was also a bit on the light side and could have done with a bit more in quantity and flavour. The dipping sauce was very watery and flavourless and missing the punch you'd expect. The decor and seating is pretty basic and probably could do with an upgrade to make it more welcoming and cosy. I'm not sure if I'd return but the service seemed friendly and appreciative of the visit. There's not much of an outlook so you kind of feel like you're in a fish bowl. Perhaps their main trade is take away.

PROS: Seems like a reasonably priced menu, Service seemed nice enough, Tables kept clean 
CONS: Too much batter on the prawn tempura, Dumpling sauce lacked flavour, Decor rather basic and dated, Feels like you're in a fish bowl, There is no park
MUST TRY: Finding other Japanese restaurants in the area to compare quality and pricing
VERDICT: I might have come a bit late in the day so perhaps the sushi and tempura was lacking that freshness I was hoping for although not sure if I'd return unless I get another recommendation
Prawn Tempura Udon and Sushi ($14)

Prawn tempura ordered on the side to retain crispness

Prawn to batter ration not good — too much batter to appreciate the prawn meat

Steam dumplings ($3, 5 pieces)

Not as much filling as hoped in dumpling and the dipping sauce is quite flavourless


Signage looking very dated and worn but matches the restaurant decor

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Anonymous said...

Seeing as there's Korean written on the sign, I suspect 'Park' is a surname and not a promise of a bit of grass to sit on :)

Leo Payten said...

If you like Japanese you should definitely try out Paper Planes in Bondi-I went there last night!

Leo Payten

gaby @ lateraleating said...

Bummer, I was hoping for good Japanese close to work.

Nic@diningwithastud said...

This is right near my work :) shame about the tempura. The udon looks tasty though

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, that's a possibility. if i go back again i'll have to ask them why it's called Sushi Park to find out.

hi leo, thanks for the recommendation, sounds good

hi gaby, let me know if you do find any others around the area that's good and cheap

hi nic, let me know if you try anything there.

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