18 July 2013

Pop Up Store: Design your own Magnum at the Magnum Sydney Pleasure Store, Westfield Sydney (17 July 2013)

Cnr Pitt St Mall and Market St, Sydney NSW 2000

Design your own taste pleasure

So who loves Magnum? I do! My favourite is usually the Almond Magnum but now for 6 weeks (16 July – 25 August 2013) in Westfield Sydney you can design your own Magnum from a range of 18 toppings. Admittedly when I visited not all the toppings were available to choose from so perhaps there's been some initial stocking issues which will hopefully be ironed out. I haven't seen this much buzz since the opening of Ladurée. The line up on the second day wasn't too bad when I went which took about 20 minutes all up. It's a lot longer than I'd want it to take but good things do take time and I thought it was worth $7 for something a bit different and fun. I picked a dark chocolate coating and four toppings of chopped macadamias, chopped pistachios, rose petals and toasted coconut flakes with a white chocolate drizzle on top. Flavours worked well together and for Magnum lovers it's something unique and special for the taste buds. It's a pity the chocolate coating doesn't really freeze as hard as what you'd expect straight from the freezer and unfortunately my stick was left a bit messy from the process. Some toppings may stick better than others so I think the smaller and lighter the toppings the more successful it will adhere to your Magnum coating. It would be great if they went into a blast freezer for a few minutes at the end to really get a hard chocolate shell for maximum enjoyment when eating.

PROS: You get to choose the toppings and watch it being made, Friendly and helpful service, Sugar fix achieved
CONS: It cost more than a normal Magnum, It's only around for 6 weeks, It can take a while depending on how long the queue is, Not all the toppings were available when I visited
MUST TRY: Avoid busy times and try it at least once
VERDICT: A fun experience to be able to design your own ice cream and see it being made in front of you
Simon Food Favourites Magnum Creation ($7)

Line up and order your coating, toppings and drizzle

Toppings station 
Shake it up baby
Chocolate dipping station

Toppings added to chocolate coating while still wet 
Drizzle added 
Final creation — allow chocolate to set for a minute or two. Wish it could go in a blast freezer for a couple of minutes to set extra hard
Looks like I was #469
You can take a photo and share on your social media networks 
Proud creators 
Some seating available near by 

Sweet treats in front of the tasty treats 
Very cool M made from Magnum ice cream sticks 
Magnum Sydney available 16 July – 25 August 2013

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bob @ jugernauts said...

The girl serving you really did a great job putting on a show. Quite fun. Better than the dude I had who was just like 'blah' here you go. Good times.

Next Stop: Food said...

OMG!! Must try to fit this in ... in 6 weeks!!! Gahh ...
But sounds like fun!!
I think I've already found a few toppings that I'd like on mine! ;)

- Cassie @ Next stop: Food

Amy zhong said...

this looks like a lot of fun! will defs try and make it here! thx for the review!

Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

Firstly love your flavour choices, nice :)

Cute idea by Streets, but $7 is just plain ridiculous. That is a hell of a lot to be charging punters for something that they are doing to promote their product. Promoting with a profit? If so well done Streets.

joey@FoodiePop said...

Looks fun but gimmicky.

Simon Leong said...

hi bob, glad i got the fun girl :-)

hi next stop food, i might be tempted to try again as long as the line isn't too long to wait

hi amy, keep me posted what toppings you decide to go with if you go

hi sara, i guess i've paid a lot more for a lot less so it all evens out but you're right that it's a big promotion for themselves although I guess it's not cheap having it in Westfield Sydney and all the staffing etc. if it was cheaper i'd be having it a few more times.

hi joey, definitely both although if it was a permanent shop i reckon it would be popular with the tourists

Angeli Yuson said...

This looks divine! I walked past and saw a big line at Pitt Street so i googled it to find out what it was all about..

Thanks for your article.. Looks divine!

Simon Leong said...

hi angeli, sounds like it's getting even more popular as time runs out before it finishes. i think people will be having them for breakfast just to get in the queue soon.

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