15 November 2010

Junior MasterChef: Jack vs Isabella and more than perfect scores (15 Nov 2010)


Dishing up another controversy!

Whether you went for the man-sized Jack with his expressive eyebrows or the confident Italian Isabella whose proud selfless twin sister made you cry, one thing was for sure during the finale of Junior MasterChef — we all learnt you can get a score more perfect than 10/10. I'm sure mathematics teachers around Australian were throwing their textbooks at the tv screen in horror as #jnrmasterchef twitter tweets ran wild with disgust at what had just happened. For me I just wondered how these ridiculously young 12 year old kids with maturing motor skills were able to create dishes that even well-trained cooks and chefs might not even be able to achieve. Even though Isabella wins the title of Junior MasterChef we all know the true winners will be Channel 10 and Adriano Zumbo whose avid devotees will now be queuing up this week to try his Pear Perfection.

A flutter of Twitter tweets:

crisdeal Chris Deal

"Isabella, I give your dish an infinity out of ten no returns". #jnrmasterchef

Chrisd_Owens Chris Owens

"It's never happened before" That's because normal people know how to score #JnrMasterChef

AngelaLeigh3008 Angela Leigh

#jnrmasterchef... rewriting the laws of mathematics.

0kat0 Kat

#jnrmasterchef makes millions. And the winner only gets $15k?

sharonpiggott Sharon Piggott

I'm going to give myself a 12/10 for my duck ragu parpadelle tonight! #jnrmasterchef

pinknantucket Alice

Kids know what to do with glitter showers #bellyslide #jnrmasterchef

inukedthefridge Mickey Tippett

Just a reminder that #jnrmasterchef is running over tonight. It's now scheduled to finish at 9.63pm.

fluxcapacitorr Jude

#jnrmasterchef is over, that means no more watching George "mozzarella head" Calombaris eating like a neanderthal. Win.

mattwillie Matt Hillier

When I finally start teaching, I'm going to give my kids 11 out of 10 if they're smarter than me. Thanks for the idea #JnrMasterchef.

DeathStarPR Death Star PR

Junior Masterchef: the heartwarming tale of how one TV network made a top-rating TV show off child slave labour. #jnrmasterchef

bewaretheteddy Ben Clarke

As soon as Disneyland was involved, the lovely little darlings turned into SCREAMING DEMONCHILDREN. #jnrmasterchef

emzlovesmanni Emily Mary Turner

#jnrmasterchef so is i toddler masterchef next year ?

loonnatic John Duong

Coming up next month, Senior Masterchef. #fb #jnrmasterchef

jdunmurphy Julian Dunmurphy

Was George in any of the tally rooms for the federal election? #jnrmasterchef #auspol

ericajo888 Erica Hodge

Did Jack just drop the F-bomb? #jnrmasterchef

bsasha Sasha B

Maths teachers across the country are throwing their fractions textbooks at the TV. #jnrmasterchef

PaulaBoardman Paula Boardman

Jack & Isabella's trophies are actually the same size. Jack's just a giant. #jnrmasterchef

surlybusdriver1 dish

Isabella and George are the same height lol #jnrmasterchef

demonkong Rachel Low

Maybe @zumbopatisserie should have given them a v9 cake to make? #jnrmasterchef

emwatsford Emily Watsford

Is that jacks father or his brother #jnrmasterchef ?

benpobjie Ben Pobjie

"Jack, we've also got a very special award for you - Most Surprisingly Large Chef" #jnrmasterchef

aptronym aptronym

I give myself a 13.4 out of 10 for my Gingerbread cake which stuck to the bottom of the nonstick cake tin. Yay me. #jnrmasterchef

OzCopyGirl Carrie Hutchinson

A very special MasterChef trophy that Matt knocked up in his shed at the cost of $2.89. #jnrmasterchef

yagee yagee

#jnrmasterchef And now Jake will eat one of the contestants

GrovesNick Nick Groves

and the awkward hug award goes to... everyone on #jnrmasterchef

crisdeal Chris Deal

This is so heart warming. I truly believe children are the future. Teach them well and let them cook all our food. #jnrmasterchef

Schnicka Schnicka

I adore Jack's expressive eye-brows ^\^ #jnrmasterchef

TheDivineMrsO Christine O

Enough with the sisterly love bullshit already! You'll be scratching each other's eyes out when you get home FFS #jnrmasterchef

fendogz Eric

11/10? Who do they think they are, Spinal Tap? #jnrmasterchef

aftershake Hayley

Bugger off. The wrong kid won. Not happy, Jan. #jnrmasterchef

lachspark Lach Spark

Even 53/50 couldn't save the man-kid. #arithmeticFAIL #jnrmasterchef

andy_healy &E

Well I'm glad it wasn't rigged. #jnrmasterchef

toose70 Andrew Tsousis

Is craving a Kermit the Frog coloured, pear custard flavoured, shoe pastry dessert, for some reason. #jnrmasterchef

FreeHugsTommy Tom Hoschke

Well, clearly Adriano Zumbo should give up if he's going to make his desserts that easy. #jnrmasterchef

punt_on Michael Punton

Why did he not offer Jack, who he scored an 11, an apprenticeship? #ismellascam #jnrmasterchef

OwenMcK Owen McKenna

#jnrmasterchef crockenbouche

GrovesNick Nick Groves

settle down isabella.. 10/10 is not the best score u can get #jnrmasterchef

bewaretheteddy Ben Clarke

Don't forget, these people are professional chefs and food critics, people. Maths isn't their strong point. #jnrmasterchef #mathfail

distractedED Ed Williams

George was never good at his 1/4 cups, 1/3 cups, 1/2 cups... it was always 5/4 cups, 4/3 cups and 3/2 cups... #jnrmasterchef

anpanmars Marissa Wong

Let's just defy all rules of mathematics & score the dish 11 out of 10?!? Why not give it 20 out of 10 for better effect? #jnrmasterchef

KimAroundTown Kim

I want to see Zumbo's face when they said Jack's dessert was better #jnrmasterchef

EmmaGraham13 Emma Graham

I have all eleven fingers crossed that jack wins #jnrmasterchef

benpobjie Ben Pobjie

Dammit, if I wanted to see adults refusing to make a hard decision I would be watching parliament #jnrmasterchef


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

11 out of 10? And three scores of 11 to boot! Does that mean Jack's Pear Perfection was better than Adriano's?

susan said...

lol, all those comments are gold. I was surprised at the amount of money they were awarded, you would think they would get more seeing how successful the show is.

JanJan @ Cooking for My Love said...

The kids are really amazing! 53 out of 50!!!

Corinne @ Gourmantic said...

Way to teach maths on jnrmasterchef and raise young expectations!

I always thought the show was flawed and lacked credibility for similar reasons as you mention. Last night's scores proved it. But better than Zumbo?!

YaYa said...

Thanks for the tweet roundup, hilarious! Heartily agree that their maths is wonky and the wrong kid won.

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, it seems this might be the case. i wonder how adriano feels about that. perhaps jack should work in zumbo's kitchen?

hi susan, i sifted through the comments and think i've found a few gold ones. they made me laugh. the prize money did seem a bit low but i guess to kids it's like winning the lotto.

hi janjan, they sure are very talented for their age.

hi corinne, the credibility of the show has been talked about many times but i guess in the end it's a reality tv show so you can't expect too much. it's all for TV!

hi yaya, i'm glad i saw them. some people are very funny in twitterland. i love their honesty.

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