13 November 2010

Madam Char Char: Chicken and Salads, Surry Hills (13 Nov 2010)

285a Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Fresh and interesting salads

'Madam Char Char is shameless, brazen and bashful. We want to seduce you, we want to satisfy you, we want to stimulate your senses and tempt you with our feast of fresh, bold and delicious flavours and textures'

Madam Char Char apparently do a roaring trade of around 700 burgers a week but it's the Quarter Roast Chicken with 3 salads ($14.90) that brings me in for the first time today. The Lilydale free range chickens are either roasted or cooked portuguese style and there's a variety of $1 sauces to choose from to add more flavour. I love a good potato salad and the Smashed potato salad with crispy bacon, crunch gherkins and soft egg is what I was hoping for. I really enjoyed the taste of the gherkins in it if you're lucky to get some — they seemed few and far between. The Marinated cauliflower and broccoli with hazelnuts, feta, seeded mustard and herbs was an interesting collection of flavours — I think one of the herbs might have been mint but I can't be sure. The Peas and beans [broccoli] with currants, feta, pinenuts and zaatar kept being named with 'beans' but I'm thinking they must have meant broccoli as I couldn't find any beans ie green beans in the salad. It had some lovely bold flavours and the peas were nice and sweet.

I've been told their most popular burgers are The Foodie ($14) which has lean beef, caramelised onions, crispy prosciutto, gruyere, green apple and beetroot relish & aioli which sounds like a very flavoursome burger and the Little Lambie ($14) containing 7 hour lamb, caramelised onions, rocket, aioli and nan's relish. Service was efficient and friendly although the narrow customer service area makes it a little hard to see what's available when it's crowded — hence a little customer cha-cha-cha might be required. I wish a place like this existed closer to my home.

Other visits to Madam Char Char:
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13 Nov 2010 - Roast chicken and salad

PROS: Freshly made and interesting salads, Moist and tasty chicken, Interesting burgers, Efficient staff, Cakes and salads made on site, Quality ingredients, Catering available
CONS: Limited and tightly packed seating, Narrow area in front of service counter, More expensive than your regular charcoal chicken or burger shop
MUST TRY: All the salads
NEXT TIME: Chocolate Brownie, Little Lambie burger, The Foodie burger, Portuguese Chicken

Quarter Roast Chicken with 3 salads ($14.90)

Marinated cauliflower and broccoli with hazelnuts, feta, seeded mustard and herbs

Peas and beans [broccoli] with currants, feta, pinenuts and zaatar

Smashed potato salad with crispy bacon, crunch gherkins and soft egg

Around a dozen salads on offer

Roast chicken display

Vegetables display

Cakes — check out the size of that Chocolate Brownie

Burger menu — customer favourites are The Foodie and Little Lambie

Chicken menu

Dinner menu deals

Flat White Cafe cross promotion — apparently the lamb sandwich is supposed to be pretty good

Service counter and display

Window seating for people watching


Eve said...

Walked past this place so many times but never ventured in...the name was just too weird. That'll teach me to knock a place based on the name.

Looks like you are at my neck of the woods.
If you want a nice quiet breakfast, try Bean Temple on Goulburn St...has one of the best bacon and egg wrap i've ever had. Actually that's the only thing i eat every sunday morning!!! Bad news for my cholesterol!
And another nice cafe; Two Good Eggs at the corner of Gouldburn and Brisbane. Absolutely amazing casual place with awesome warm goats cheese on toast.

Mel said...

I really love potato salad with gherkins...such a delight to eat! The salads in your post look amazing...a great variety! Wish we had a Madam Char Char's near us.

Simon Leong said...

hi eve, it does have a weird name doesn't it. not sure the reason behind it, perhaps to make you take notice. thanks for the breakfast tips. they sound great. i'll add to my wishlist :-)

hi melbatoast, i'll have to remember to do it for my own homemade potato salad :-)

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