08 November 2010

Cafe Ish: Crab Omelette and Wattleseed Maccacino, Surry Hills (10 Oct 2010)

82 Campbell Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Oz food with a Japanese twist

I've never seen a signature dish blogged so much in Sydney since Plan B's Wagyu Beef Burger. It seems the $25 SIFF brunch deal has helped gain much interest for Cafe Ish's Crab omelette ($23) comprising of crispy crab, avocado, shallot, garlic, chilli, soy, ginger dressing and lime. An unusual combination which seems to work. The soft shell crab is particularly well cooked to my liking. The bold taste of the sauce can possibly be a bit overpowering for some but taken in moderation it seems to work OK. Having been ill the night before my taste buds weren't in fine form so it was hard to appreciate the signature coffee of Wattle Maccacino ($4) which combines wattleseed's roasty flavor with macadamia's sweet mellow flavors. The brunch deal also included a Mini triffle 'Lush' yoghurt with native berry compote and toasted house made muesli.

The Bennedict ish ($23) also came with lovely crispy crab along with sautéed spinach, poached egg, toast and sake hollandaise. The chef is a huge fan of quality sake and I was treated to sample of the Kizan Sanban 2010 japanese sake. I'm not a huge fan of sake and still prefer my gin & tonic but it was one of the nicer tasting sakes I've had — but was still a little hard to stomach as a morning drink before noon. I might have to try the Crab omelette again when my taste buds are in better form as well as the chicken schnitzel sandwich which I spotted the chef making in the kitchen — they looked pretty yummy.

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PROS: Interesting menu with Japanese influence, Crocodile, kangaroo and emu on the menu to try
CONS: Popular so you might have to wait for a table, Be sure to ask permission before taking photos, Restaurant website seems a bit awkward to navigate
MUST TRY: Crab omelette (signature dish) at least once, Hope to try the ribs one day

Crab omelette: Crispy crab, avocado, shallot, garlic, chilli, soy, ginger dressing and lime ($23)

Bennedict ish: Crispy crab, sautéed spinach, poached egg, toast and sake hollandaise ($23)

Wattle Maccacino: Signature coffee. Wattleseed's roasty flavor and macadamia's sweet mellow flavours are in a cup ($4)

Mini triffle 'Lush' yoghurt, native berry compote, toasted house made muesli

Kizan Sanban 2010 japanese sake — complimentary tasting

Kitchen peep hole

Tap water

Sugar options



smplcv said...

Japanese twist makes the OZ food much spice ..superb site..

Hotel Receptionist CV

MelbaToast said...

I must have the Bennedict ish NOW! It looks totally delicious...I love crab but never would've thought of pairing it with eggs bennedict. Drool worthy.

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Looks delish! Don't know if I'll ever get around to making the trek to try this. I guess that's the awesomeness of food blogs, I'll live through others =D

Cathy x. said...

i've heard that josh the chef is a real asshole and people get abused and yelled at for wanting to take photos and spread the good word. as yummy as the food looks i'm too scared to set foot into this place.

Anonymous said...

I have tried the softshell crab omelette. It's delish! Nice pic of Josh.

joey@FoodiePop said...

Love the pics!

You were ill the night before but still bravely scoffed down the venerable soft shell crab omelette? Life as a food blogger is full of perils! :-)

Mel said...

ahh, I must go there soon! I love soft shell crabs!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi smplcv, hope you get to try their famed crab omelette :-)

hi melba toast, i think you can put soft shell crab in any dish it seems ;-)

hi angie, one day i'm sure you'll get there. just have to put your mind and stomach in action :-)

hi cathy x, thankfully i didn't get abused or yelled at but i did ask nicely first and he came out to say hi and check out who i was. if you don't take photos of the food then there's nothing to worry about i guess. i was a bit apprehensive at first but it's all in the name of food :-)

hi ellie, josh seems very at home in that little kitchen of his :-)

hi joey, i think it was a case of alcoholic poisoning the night before but it was my last chance to try the SIFF Brunch deal before going overseas for a month. glad i was able to make it through the lunch :-)

hi mel, i'm a big fan of soft shell crab too, especially ones that are cooked really nicely :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon sorry I took so long to comment,
great pics and a nice spiel thanks.
you should pop in a see what we are doing with the night menu
Cathy flip a coin and see which side you want read..:)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi josh, i would have emailed the review to you but i couldn't find an email address for you. thanks for stopping by. when i get a chance i must come by the try the ribs if you're still doing them :-)

Iris said...

Noticed Cafe Ish is using your image (with watermark) of its seating in its About Us page: http://www.cafeish.com.au/?page_id=81. Thought you might want to know, in case you haven't given permission.

Simon Leong said...

hi iris, thanks for letting me know. as long as it has the watermark that's fine. although at the size it's used it's very small to read :-(

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