05 December 2010

McDonald's: Chicken McBites, Randwick (5 Dec 2010)

Royal Randwick Shopping Centre
73 Belmore Road, Randwick NSW 2031

McNibbles rather than McBites

The word 'free' is one of my favourite words in the English dictionary and when combined with 'food' it's a joy to my ears. While listening to 96.9 FM on the car radio at 11 am I heard a McDonald's ad promoting the new Chicken McBites and that free samples were now available between 11 am til 12 noon that day. I've been curious to try them so headed to the nearest McDonald's in Randwick to see if the deal was true. Thankfully upon arriving there were balloons advertising the free samples so I lined up and ordered one. The sample pack of 5 McBites was very small and I wondered how they fit 5 samples inside thinking they were the size of the original McNuggets. Upon opening the pack it all became very clear and they were very tiny — around the size of a $1 coin. I had a little chuckle to myself but they were free so it didn't really matter. Apart from the tiny size they were actually quite tasty with their semi-crunchy outer seasoned coating and moist chicken inside. Pretty handy as a quick snack although I'm not really sure how filling they'd be and you'd probably have to eat quite a few to feel full. A handy snack to eat when driving perhaps.

PROS: Tasty, Easy to eat, Bite size pieces, Available at every McDonald's, Quick snack
CONS: Tiny in size, Could be considered expensive considering the size, Won't fill you up that easily, Doesn't come with dipping sauce
MUST TRY: At least once I guess

Sample pack of 5 Chicken McBites

Size comparison to $1 coin

Cut to the meat inside, tasty coating outside

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BGDino said...

I'm sure I'm not the first person to think that they look almost exactly like KFC Popcorn Chicken...

Dolly said...

hahaa it looks sorta like a rip of KFC :)

that reminds me, i havent had KFC for a while. =(

BRING BACK THE mashies *drool

YaYa said...

I thought that too when I first saw the ad on TV, exactly like popcorn chicken which is why they're so small, sigh, perhaps I am overly familiar with fast food.

Simon Leong said...

hi BGDino, i haven't tried the KFC version but i'm sure you're right.

hi dolly, i'll have to try the KFC ones now. i love their corn for some reason. it's so soft.

hi yaya, i thought it would be nice if they're were a bit bigger perhaps :-)

Kitty said...

You've never tasted KFC's popcorn chicken before??

But yeah McBites are so tiny! Its funny they sell them in little 10 packs hehe!


Simon Leong said...

hi kitty, nup have never tried KFC popcorn chicken. i haven't been to KFC for years now. perhaps i should try to compare :-)

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