21 December 2010

Ultimo Wine Centre: Annual Champagne Tasting 2010 (7 Dec 2010)

99 Jones Street Ultimo NSW 2007

27 bottles of bubbly to try

Thanks to Champagne Jayne for giving me the heads up about this amazing annual event generously provided by the Ultimo Wine Centre. It’s become so popular that this year they held it in the entry foyer of Fox Golden Century in the Entertainment Quarter so there was more space for attendees to move around than the wine shop. Those lucky enough to RSVP early to get on the guest list were provided a tasting glass upon arrival and treated to 27 bottles of champagne to sample — of course I had to try them all. I finally learnt that ‘NV’ stood for Non-Vintage which meant the champagne had a combination of grapes from different vintages/years while other bottles with a specific year on it was made from grapes pertaining to that year only — I hope that’s correct.

The champagne sellers had their work cut out for them constantly pouring their expensive drops of champagne to the eager crowd with a friendly smile and much generosity. Special prices for the event ranged from the very reasonable priced Chateau De L’Aulee Brut Intense NV ($16.95) from the Loire Valley to the highest priced Larmandier Bernier Cremant 2005 ($139.95) closely followed by the Barons de Rothschild Rose NV ($129.95) and Blanc de Blanc NV ($129.95). There was no sign of the more commonly known brands of Moet, Veuve Clicquot, Bollinger and Dom Perignon but Taittinger Brut NV ($71.95) and Prelude NV ($99.95) made an appearance along with Louis Roederer Vintage 2004 ($114.95) and Gosset Brut Excellence NV ($64.95) and Grande Reserve NV ($81.95) which I’ve only just started noticing more in restaurants I’ve dined at like Tabou and Kingsleys.

In the end it was hard to pick a favourite but it was a great event where you could talk shop with the suppliers and learn more about the finer points of champagne. Interesting and tasty canapés were provided by Fox Golden Century by their friendly young staff. Be sure to sign up to the Ultimo Wine Centre mailing list to keep in touch with future wine tasting events.

PROS: Free event, Large range to sample, Tasty canapés, No apparent bad headache from quality champagne the next day
CONS: Must RSVP early to secure a spot, No Bollinger, Dom Pérignon or Cristal to try, Driving home is not an option
MUST TRY: Attending more wine tasting events

Champagnes on offer
Grab your tasting glass and let's go

Larmandier and Egly Ouriet


Laurent Perrier


Louis Roederer

Barons de Rothschild



Drappier Carte d'Or

Gosset and Paul Bara

Chateau De L'Aulee

Fox Golden Century canapés
Beef and cucumber

Spring roll

Salt and pepper white bait

Salt and pepper eggplant

People and bubbles
Champagne Jayne and Helen Loves Food enjoying a fine drop

Champagne guests

Entry to Fox Golden Century

Champagne checklist

Champagnes on offer and prices

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Mel said...

that seems like a really awesome event with lots of champagne! so which is the best of all?

Helen Cameron said...

I loved the Drappier and was happy to discover it was only $70-$80 (cheap compared to many of the others)!

Sarah said...

Wow I heard about it but didn't make it. with golden century canapes that's pretty cool! I got some larmarndier bernier as a gift today, haven't tried it yet :-)

Simon Leong said...

hi mel, i think i'd have to try them all again to decide which ones i liked the most. i had some definites but soon forgot.

hi helen, i think i liked that one too.

hi sarah, hopefully you'll make it to the next one. you'd be very good at working out which ones are the best. if you need any help with the larmarnider after xmas you know who to call :-) — I'm serious!

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