31 December 2010

Rowda Ya Habibi: 3 Turkish Delight Flavours, Newtown (30 Dec 2010)

101 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042

Delightful flavours

If you're a fan of the rose flavoured Turkish Delight at Rowda Ya Habibi then I suggest you ask them if they have the Lemon or Mint flavoured Turkish Delight as well. They don't usually stock these other two flavours but fortunately for me a friend ordered a box from the restaurant of all three flavours and made up wonderful Christmas gift packs for his family and friends. I actually can't decide which flavour I prefer the most. The lemon seems to be the most subtle in taste and the mint perhaps the strongest. They make a great traffic light dessert too when stacked together if you want to get creative.

Lemon, Rose and Mint Turkish Delight

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john@heneedsfood said...

Give me the rosewater flavoured one any day. I often get a tub of it from this place and noting will make me veer towards a mint flavour. Don't like it. I may give lemon a go but something tells me I won't like it

Simon Leong said...

hi john, a classic and a goodie :-)

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