02 December 2010

Product Testing: Dreamfarm's Chobs, Jot and Smood (30 Nov 2010)

9 Amy Street, Albion QLD 4010

Designs with quirky names

We grow our original ideas into new solutions that change people's lives for the better, and in doing so, the world. We are Dreamfarm.

Thanks to Joanna Cooney from Dreamfarm for sending me some product samples of their range to review. I received a Chobs, Jot and Smood — with names like this I reckon you'd never guess what they are in a trivia quiz. All the products are nicely packaged and come with an industrial quality hang tag which they hope you'll reuse but I'm not sure if I'd use them as I already have a key ring. At first I couldn't work out how to get them off and thought I needed to cut them off but thankfully I worked out the ends have little screws on them — although people not good with their fingers might find them a little difficult to take off. Dreamfarm hopes that some customers might also reuse the thin product tag on the Jot and Smood as a bookmark but I have my doubts this would actually happen unless they had a nice generic design on them — perhaps if a pretty design was on the other side of the label would make it more attractive to reuse.

The Chobs ($13.95) are used to raise your chopping board so you can theoretically use both sides of the one board. I can see the value of this as I've often wanted to use both sides of a cutting board but when turning it over it would messy up the bench top when it comes in contact if you've been cutting up something or have washed it. For people with limited hand dexterity I think they'd find them a little difficult to clip to their boards but once on you could pretty much keep them on. At first I found them quite foreign but over the weeks I've gotten used to them being on. I think the downside is depending on how and where you stack your board you might find the chobs get caught amongst other things in the wash up tray. Also because the Chobs stick up on the board you might find they get in the way when scraping off your cuttings but I've managed to work around this.

The Jot ($5.95 for 2) is a suction cup that can basically hold anything that will fit into it. I was keen to try this for my toothbrushes and it works perfectly. The downside might be the colours supplied might not match your surface.

Finally the Smood ($29.95) is a spiral designed masher which I was most interested in testing because I'd love a masher that does a good job. My existing mashers are pretty cheap and do a fair enough job but the Smood seemed easier to use and mashed up the sweet potato pretty well. The downside would be it's more expensive than your basic ones and the springing action takes a little getting used to.

Testing the Smood
Smood meets my existing kitchen mashers

Sweet potato cut up

Boiling the sweet potato

Drained sweet potato

First Smood mash

Finished Smood mashed sweet potato

Oven baked fish with green beans and Smood mashed sweet potato, Chef Leong :-)

Testing the Chobs

Chobs attached

Testing the Jot

Remove the plastic holder base. I couldn't work it out on the red one at first and thought it was a dud but then realised I peeled off the white sticker instead of the plastic holder base.

Find something you want to hang

Hang tag can be reused as a key chain


YaYa said...

I've read about this company, they just specialise in inventing kitchen gadgets, love their stuff! Your fish looks pretty good too!

Anna Johnston said...

Some cool little ideas there, interesting.

boo said...

Why do you do product reviews and accuse other people of selling out?

And yes, I don't have a blog.

Simon Leong said...

hi yaya, the oven backed fish in foil is one of the easiest dishes to do with a bit of butter and lemon juice :-)

hi anna, they are quite interesting. not sure if all of them will work for everyone but i'm sure there's some value to be had by some they are looking for such products.

hi boo, doing a product review doesn't necessarily mean selling out if it's an honest product review. with Coles and Woolies and most advertising (if not all) they never tell you anything bad about their products — it's all good in their world and there's never anything wrong. it's not really being honest. if i review a restaurant, product or sample i try and keep it as honest and constructive as possible so readers can make a better judgement of if they're interested in eating there etc. :-)

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