20 April 2009

La Renaissance Café Pâtisserie Française, The Rocks, Sydney (19 April 2009)

47 Argyle Street, The Rocks NSW 2000

I first visited this little gem of a French pâtisserie back in 2007 and very much enjoyed their mixed berry tart but sadly it wasn't available this afternoon to satisfy my cravings, possibly sold out. Today the Tarte au Chocolat is the standout for yummy naughtiness and the Larme de Gaugin for visual beauty. While sipping on my delicious hot chocolate in the tranquil courtyard I could hear many French speaking customers which helps to imagine I'm back in France.

Larme de Gaugin: Exotic tear-drop shaped cake; light creamy mixed berry mousse, encased in a decorative almond sponge (joconde*), and topped with glazed mixed berries *Joconde: A mixture of eggs, ground almonds, icing sugar and a little flour, made into sponge like sheets, $7 eat in

Tarte au Chocolat with peanuts and caramel, $7 eat in

Mixed berry tart I had back in 2007

Hot chocolate $3.50

Logo on saucer

Courtyard dining

Front entrance

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smileona said...

I love La Renaissance!!!I love their cakessssss andd their pastries. THe croissants are yummmyyy and deadlyyyy so deadly you feel guilty afterward from the nice french butter lol

I love their coffee tooo.. oo have u tried their pies mmmm ^_^

Anonymous said...

Nice little place. Wish the people there were as nice as their cakes :( Not sure if I will be coming back...

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