12 May 2009

Thanh Binh Vietnamese Restaurant, Newtown (10 May 2009)

111 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042

Yummy Vietnamese

A combined Mother's Day with my Dad's birthday brings me to one of our Vietnamese favourites for dinner. I've always been a fan of the fried spring rolls and green papaya salad and tonight the duck on the specials menu was very enjoyable and tasty with the Vietnamese fried rice. Always a popular place so book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Other visits to Thanh Binh:
10 May 2009 - Fresh rice paper rolls, Fried Vietnamese spring rolls, Vietnamese fried rice, Lightly battered soft-shell crab, Crispy pork belly
14 Oct 2008 - Green papaya salad, Crispy pork belly, Stir-fried ling fillets, Crispy-skin chicken, Stir-fried tofu and vegetables, Vietnamese fried rice

Fresh rice paper rolls with pork, prawn, rice vermicelli, lettuce & mint, peanut dipping sauce (3 rolls) $9

Fried Vietnamese spring rolls (pork); salad greens & fish dipping sauce (3 rolls) $9

Green papaya salad with prawn, pork and mint; sesame rice crackers and crushed peanuts $11

Vietnamese fried rice: Snow peas, prawn, BBQ pork, Chinese sausage and egg $14

Twice-cooked soy aniseed duck served on top of egg noodles with baby shitake and bok choy

Lightly battered soft-shell crab in spicy salt $22

Crispy master-stock pork belly served on a salad of shaved cucumber, pineapple and vietnamese mint in a tangy dressing $22

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Miss Honey said...

I love this place, lovely choice for a family get together. The sweet potato and prawn fritters is also nice as an entree and they do a mean viet pancake:)

Simon Leong said...

Hi Miss Honey, we're also fans of the Vietnamese pancake. Thanks for the tip on the sweet potato and prawn fritters, maybe next time.

Rilsta said...

Great blog and I love your photos!

The skin on the fried spring rolls looks different from normal ones! All the food looks good... too bad this place is in Sydney!!

Kat Warman said...

your food blogs have been so helpful! I did a search for places in Newtown as I had a lunch with friends last saturday. took your suggestion and ate here.
it was really nice. we had the fried rice paper rolls (pork) and the rice. we also had the chicken with chilli salt (not exactly sure what it was called) however this was a little disapointing... (basically just roast chicken)

however the food was so quickly brought out and the meal was really nice. We left happy and with no awful after taste many other similar places give you.

one suggestion that would have been helpful would be pictures of the food on their menu. your photos were the main reason i ordered the rolls and rice. the rest was a fluke.

thanks again for your reviews!

isyaantonius said...

Simon thanks to your blogs, I went to this place for my b'day and ordered all your favorites ... It was really nice and soo cheap ... but don't tell them, otherwise they might change it : )
Thank you...

Simon Leong said...

hi rilsta, thanks for the positive feedback. time to come up and visit Sydney.

Hi kat, so glad you've found my blog helpful. i don't think i've tried the chicken with chilli salt. it can be hard to know what to order without pictures so i guess food blogs can help in this respect :-)

hi isyaantonius, glad you enjoyed my favourites. they've been reasonably priced for quite a while now so I'm sure you'll still get a few yummy cheap meals there. thanks for following my blog :-)

Anonymous said...

My favourite Vietnamese in Sydney! The papaya salad is just like it was in Vietnam, I can't get enough of it.

I haven't had the chicken in chilli salt... But the tofu or mushroom in spicy salt with capsicum salsa and tamarind dipping sauce is gorgeous! And a bargain at $15 a plate.


Simon Leong said...

hi scoffandquaff, i haven't found a better papaya salad yet in Sydney, especially with those big crackers they use. thanks for the other recommendations :-)

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