07 July 2009

Caz & Johnny's Christmas in July (4 July 2009)

Aussie-style Christmas in July

Our hosts Caz & Johnny deck the halls with plenty of cheerful Christmas decorations and set the scene for a fun and homely Christmas in July. The main dish is their roast lamb and pork and there's plenty of food with everyone's side dishes added to the table. Funny Kris Kringle presents add plenty of laughter to the day along with liberal amounts of wine, beer and champagne which are kept cold in the bath tub esky. Perhaps dessert should have been a Christmas fruit pudding with warm custard but I felt more confident preparing a lighter dish of meringue with mixed berries and passionfruit. The eggnog served was delicious and I'll have to remember to get the recipe. I'm sometimes a fan of the light Italian wines like Lambrusco and today I discovered Sparking Moscato which is also low in alcohol and tasted pretty good.

Whose made eggnog before?

The food
Dips and crackers

Cheese and crackers

Turkey slices

Charcoal chicken

Potato salad

Falafel and vegetarian sausages

Mash potato

Roasted vegetables

Side condiments

Potato gratin

Roast pork and lamb

Simon's first helpings of a bit of everything


Meringue with whipped cream, mixed berries and fresh passionfruit, Chef Leong :-)

Sparkling moscato and Kris Kringle cat-a-pult swimming in bubbles

The Christmas decorations

The Aussie esky for drinks

The Kris Kringle


foodcreate said...

I love Christmas in July! what grand Idea!
Thanks for sharing your photos!

Post your comments, Join our food cummunity!

Have a Wonderful Day! and if you can visit me I can visit you:)

Forager said...

Love doing Christmas in July - why limit yourself to one Christmas a year? It's become a bit of a Blue Mts affair for us and we'll be doing ours in a few weeks. Hope it snows!

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