15 July 2009

Celebrating Bastille Day, Sydney (14 July 2009)

Vive La France!

As I sit on the beautiful green manicured lawns of Parc du Champs de Mars looking towards the magnificent Eiffel Tower under a burnt orange sunset I take another bite of some Amadeus Brie with a slice of French sourdough baguette and wash it down with the very best of French Grandin Brut Rosé. The decadent tasting Aussie foie gras of Maggie Beer Pheasant Farm Pate goes very well with the melba toast before delving into a delicious meal of Chicken Fillet Mignon with Buttered Mushrooms and Asparagus prepared by my French Chef Loz. As darkness falls the sugary delights of two tarts with ice cream ends the night with stars twinkling in the heavens above.

Did you do anything special for Bastille Day this year?

French Grandin Brut Rosé

Amadeus Brie with melba toast and French sourdough baguette

Maggie Beer Pheasant Farm Pate $6.57 140gm ($46.95/kg)

Chicken Fillet Mignon, Buttered Mushrooms and Asparagus

Raspberry tart

Pecan tart

David Jones food court paté display

1 comment:

Gustoso said...

I completely forgot about Bastille Day, such a shame! You look like you had fun.

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