21 July 2009

Pink Salt: Friday Happy Hour Cocktails, Double Bay (17 July 2009)

53 Cross Street, Double Bay NSW 2028

Happy Hour in Pink Paradise

Have you ever wondered what happened to Evan and Bella from My Restaurant Rules who launched Pink Salt back in 2005? Well, they relocated from Manly to Double Bay in 2006 and are still there. It's a very large martini lounge style restaurant and bar and if you like the colour pink then you'll feel right at home with all the decor and lighting. What attracts me tonight is the happy hour cocktails between 6-8 pm for $10 and the complimentary canapes. It was pretty much empty arriving just before 6 pm which can be quite confronting for such a large place but the lounge area at the back near the bar is cosy enough to feel comfortable.

I start off with the bar staff recommendation of the Watermelon & Rose Petal Martini which was very good and remained my favourite. I would have happily had a few more but choice tempts me as usual. The Suava Guava Champagne is also good and I'll have to keep in mind for next time I'm making cocktails — it's so simple yet effective. The complimentary canapes were tasty and came around 6 times between 6.30 pm til 7.30 pm. After 8 pm there were about 12 diners and a few people having drinks near the bar so the place was still quite empty.

Being located away from the busy New South Head Road where most of the eateries are located including the newly renovated and very popular Golden Sheaf Hotel has sadly left Pink Salt in a very quiet area of Double Bay. Reviews on Eatability have also rated the value for money quite low so perhaps this Happy Hour will help attract those looking for a great looking bar to enjoy a few quiet drinks before dinner.

The cocktails
Watermelon & Rose Petal Martini: Fresh cut and muddled watermelon shaken with ice cold pure vodka and sprayed with freshly infused rose petal water (left) $10; Suava Guava Champagne: Peach schnapps and exotic guava juice topped up with bubbly champagne (right) $10

Lychee Love: Real luscious lychees and fresh mint leaves topped with crème de peche, cloudy apple juice and 42 below kiwi vodka (left) $10; Cherry Popper: A vibrant concoction of fresh sour cherry puree, lychees and vanilla vodka balanced with a cherry vodka kick (right) $10

Pina Colada (left) $10; Sherbert Apple Sour: Crushed lemons mixed with apple schnapps, citron vodka and tuaca liqueur topped with apple juice and lemon lime sourz, in a fruit tingle rimmed martini glass (right and below) $10

Passionfruit cocktail (left) and amaretto cocktail (right) but can't remember the names :-(

The canapes
Mini bruschetta with confit tomato, baby basil

Arancini balls

Spring rolls

Roast beef béarnaise

The bar

The lounge

The pink touches

The happy hour


Betty said...

Ooh, the cocktails sound nice! I like the pink-ness of the place :) Pity about the location.. .hopefully the happy hour will give them a boost!

Anonymous said...

Simon, Is that an ongoing thing? Sounds like a wonderful deal. Its particularly good for me as I can walk there and not worry about driving! PS I thought Evan and Bella have gone their separate ways, one having bought out the other in this venture. Gobsmack'd

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