11 October 2009

Wokmaster, Bondi Junction (20 Sept 2009)

Shop 5/183 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Nice dining area

I've eaten at the Randwick and Maroubra Wokmaster but I find the Bondi Junction shop is the nicest of the 3 locations. Plenty of seating which isn't as crowded and squeezed together as the Randwick shop and no sign of pigeons which unfortunately seem to scavenge the outdoor tables for left overs at the small Maroubra shop (a health regulation warning waiting to happen I fear). The salt and pepper squid looked promising although I still prefer the crisp coating style of Golden Swallow and Pho 236 — Wokmaster version today is a little bit too floury. I much prefer the deep fried dim sim than the steamed version which is a bit bland on taste. The Chinese broccoli is good, although you can't really go wrong with this dish I guess. It's a shame you get charged for tea which is usually complimentary at many Chinese restaurants.

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Squids with Chilli & Spicy Salt $14.50

Steamed Dim Sim $6 for 4

Fried Dim Sim $6 for 4

Steamed Chinese Broccoli in Oyster Sauce $7.80

Chinese jasmine tea $1.50 per person

Window display of duck, pork and chicken meat

Service counter


Sushi train next door is always very popular (I've yet to try)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, I have NEVER been able to understand the constant stream of a queue at Sushi Train. The sushi is pretty average, and that's on a good day! Don't waste your time and effort, not to mention money.


Simon Food Favourites said...

hi gobsmack'd, thanks for the tip, i've always wondered if it was worth it or not. perhaps it's busy because it's cheap and there's not really any other sushi trains in the area?

Anonymous said...

Mate next time you go take a photo of the menu board for home delivery..

Good work though - great restaurant

Patricia Dufficy

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