02 January 2010

Seafood at the Beach: Fish n Chips and Bocce, Dee Why (1 Jan 2010)

12A The Strand, Dee Why NSW 2099

First Swim, Fish n Chips & Beer

For the last few years my New Years Day has been spent catching up with a few friends at Dee Why beach for our first swim, fish n chips and beer of the year as well as playing a friendly and fun game of bocce — it's becoming a bit of a tradition now which is a nice way to start the new year. We always go to the most popular fish n chip shop in Dee Why for our lunch which is named Seafood at the Beach — although I'm thinking it was called something else in previous years? They have been cleverly promoting their 'Best Fish & Chips Award' which when reading the fine print is actually from the Inaugural Sydney Fish Market Seafood Award which is back in 1997. The 2009 Best Fish and Chips Sydney winner was Ocean Foods in Drummoyne.

My snack pack had nice sized fish cocktails but I much prefer the thin and crispy batter of Ocean Heart Seafood in Brighton-Le-Sands which I recently visited — I also prefer the Ocean Heart Seafood calamari rings. My friends are happy with their Baked Snapper, Fresh Bream and Grilled Salmon Cutlets — the dill mustard sauce is quite yummy too. The beach surf was perfect for body surfing and the games of bocce helped work off a few small calories while we watched the beautiful sunset fall over Dee Why.

I wish all my readers a fun and exciting new year ahead filled with plenty of amazing and delicious food to satisfy the taste buds :-)

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Snack Pack: 5 fish cocktails, 3 calamari rings and chips $11.50

Pacific Oysters $7.50 half dozen

Baked Snapper with Shallot Ginger Special Sauce and Chips $19

John Dory and Chips $18

Grilled Salmon Cutlet with dill mustard sauce and chips $15.50

First beer of 2010 – Coopers 62


Award winner sign

Swim and Bocce time
Dee Why Beach

Best shot of the day

Bocce crystal ball — eat, drink, blog, then eat more again.

Sunset of 1 January 2010 at Dee Why


Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

I've always wanted to play bocce. Or maybe it's because I'm mesmerised by those shiny silver balls :) Happy New Year - looks like you'd made a great start to 2010 already!

joey@FoodiePop said...

I remember seeing people playing boules in Lucerne when I was there a few years ago, and it looked fun. I haven't seen anybody play it here though.

The food looks quite good; how does it compare to Brighton-Le-Sands?

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi helen, it's a great game, i fully encourage you to get yourself some shiny silver balls for the new year. have a great new year and see you around at the foodie events :-)

hi joey, i think you'll find mostly the Italians will have a set tucked away in the car ready for picnics. the grilled fish dishes are pretty good but i think the brighton-le-sands is the place for calamari rings and prawn cutlets and a better thinner batter :-)

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