11 February 2010

Best romantic picnic spot in Sydney for Valentine's Day (7 Feb 2010)

Laings Point Reserve, Sydney Harbour National Park, NSW

Romantic view of city to Manly

So if you were to pick the best romantic picnic spot in Sydney for Valentine's Day where would you recommend?

One of my top picks would have to be Laings Point Reserve which is past Watsons Bay Hotel and has a view stretching from the city skyline to Manly wharf — you can even watch the Sydney ferries going back and forth between the two points. If you're feeling adventurous then bring along your swimmers because there's an amazing natural rock pool with one of the best views you'll find in Sydney — hopefully the sharks won't be able to jump into it though. Camp Cove is close as well which you can see from Laings Point Reserve. If your stuck for food then grab some nice salads from Charcoal Chicken in Rose Bay on the way or some fish and chips from Doyles on the Beach near Watsons Bay Hotel.

Other picnic spots visited in Sydney:
Ballast Point Park - 10 May 2010
Laings Point Reserve - 7 Feb 2010
Centennial Park - 22 Nov 2009

PROS: Fantastic 180 degree view, Quiet, Secluded,
CONS: Very limited parking, Limited shade area
MUST TRY: Remembering to buy flowers

Panoramic view from city skyline to Manly

A natural rock pool for a romantic dip

View of Camp Cove


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Nice! It'd be great on a sunny day! Happy Chinese New Year Simon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, a wee bit further along and you'd not even need to pack your budgie smugglers! Have to admit now that I no longer have my figure (hah!) I have not been to the nudie beach for years ... Those were the days.
My pick of the most romantic spot? My boudoir!!! Gobsmack'd

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, happy chinese new year to you too!

hi gobsmack'd, hehe budgie smugglers. you know i only found out what that meant last year :-)

glendale parks and recreations said...

Simon, the harbor view is always breathtaking. Indeed, a great spot for a date. You can take a walk along the rocky parts while enjoying Sydney's beauty.

In our case, it's mostly in parks where green lush trees are abundant. My wife loves nature a lot and she enjoy outdoor activities like hiking too. That's why we usually go there to spend time with each other.

Interesting post. Thanks!

Simon Leong said...

hi glendale parks and recreations, thanks for the suggestions. i love the smell of the fresh air where green lush trees are abundant. so many great spots, so little time to discover them all :-)

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