23 November 2009

The Heart of Food Pot Luck Birthday Picnic: Centennial Park (22 Nov 2009)

Centennial Park, NSW, Australia

Hot Luck Picnic

A casual picnic to celebrate Simon's birthday from The Heart of Food brings me to Centennial Park on a very hot Sunday reaching temperatures well over 30 degrees. I could tell the heat took it's toll on even the most passionate food lovers appetites who tried to stay cool under the very large tree — but there was no escaping the ravaging heat wave. On the menu were plenty of pastries and cakes from Brasserie Bread which makes one of my favourite Orange and Almond Friands. Today I get to try the Flourless Brownie which I now add to my list of favourites. The Summer Tarts looked great and I tried I bit of each which were good. The Coconut Teacakes were also very good which unfortunately didn't fair as well in the heat as the icing slowly started to melt away. A huge box of different breads big enough to feed a small army was on standby to go with the BBQ sausages and salads. Besides the overwhelming heat it was a lovely day to spend with friendly faces and indulge in some delicious food.

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Centennial Park - 22 Nov 2009

Brasserie Bread: Flourless brownie with Belgian chocolate and walnuts

Brasserie Bread: Mixed summer tarts of blueberry, rhubarb and apricot

Brasserie Bread: Coconut teacakes of strawberry, lemon, jaffa and summer berries

Huge box of different types of bread from Brasserie Bread

Cheesecake from Savoy

Would you like some soft drink with your ice?

So much food to eat

Nice spot under tree

Group shot

Checking out the group shot


Jacq said...

That was very quick posting! Great meeting you today Simon :)

Simon said...

Always surprised about how fast you're able to get a post up.

Thanks for being able to make the BBQ, as well as the present :)

Leona said...

Hey Simon,
great photos and entry Lovely to meet you again for the second time.

Far out how hot was it... melting just sitting down doing nothing.

Cheers to future eating adventures.

The Ninja said...

That was speedier than a ninja! Nice meeting you yesterday, so glad the weather's gone down : D

Simon Leong said...

hi jacq, was lovely to meet you too. hope you survived the heat wave :-)

hi simon, even though i'm about 50 review posts behind i thought your birthday should skip the queue :-) thanks for inviting me again!

hi leona, great seeing you again too. way too hot for my books, i thought we were all going to collapse with heat exhaustion hehe

Simon Leong said...

hi the ninja, nice to meet you too. i have a reputation for speedy posts of special events. i thought i was melting with that heat

Forager said...

Wow, you waste no time in getting posts done.. unlike me. Sigh - the shame. Was great seeing you again even if I was semi delirious from heat stroke!

Simon Leong said...

hi forager, actually i've got so many other posts i haven't done yet so i'm in the same boat hehe. i can see how it can become a full time job. good seeing you again too! :-)

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