10 May 2010

Ballast Point Park: Mother's Day Picnic, Birchgrove (10 May 2010)

4 Ballast Point Rd, Birchgrove NSW 2041
More details: http://www.shfa.nsw.gov.au

Views of Sydney Harbour Bridge

My brother was kind enough to prepare some nice sandwich wraps for our Mother's Day family picnic outing on the weekend along with some tasty peeled Tiger prawns. We also had plenty of chips, olives, cheese, dip and bread to fill the stomachs while taking in the views of the waterways around Birchgrove and the city skyline in the distance. It's a nice spot with an interesting history although keep in mind the planted trees are fairly new so there's little shade from the sun to be found. The weekend seems to be very popular on a good day so street parking in very limited although thankfully it's free.

Other picnic spots visited in Sydney:
Ballast Point Park - 10 May 2010
Laings Point Reserve - 7 Feb 2010
Centennial Park - 22 Nov 2009

PROS: Interesting views of harbour bridge, city and waterways
CONS: Limited parking when busy; Limited tree cover from the sun
MUST TRY: Exploring other picnic spots near the harbour


Wraps: Charcoal chicken and salad, Ham and salad


Lanie said...

That's in my neck of the woods...the harbour parks are great aren't they? The wraps look delish. I also love the park right next to East Balmain ferry wharf (Illoura Reserve). You can watch the ferrys come and go and it is particularly lovely on a winter morning as it is sunny.

Sarah Vino said...

Nice! I love picnicing by the Rocks,just drive up the random streets. Also used to go to under Harbour bride, north side Great views!! By the way I finally went to Efendy on Friday, Somer was lovely, I said I really wanted to come to the easter bloggers day there! See you soon.

OohLookBel said...

Ballast Pt Park is lovely. I think it's better in winter since there's so little shade. Nice-looking lunch, too - did you know there are barbeques in the park? They're very popular, though...

Sara said...

It was a lovely day for a picnic and what a great location.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi lanie, i've been to illoura reserve for a wedding which was a really nice spot. some really nice areas in balmain.

hi sarah, oh yeah, observatory hill is pretty cool. good to hear you had a good meal at efendy. somer is such a nice guys isn't he :-) hopefully we'll catchup soon for something foodie.

hi bel, i actually didn't know about the BBQs. i didn't spot them while walking down and to the right. i'll have to look out for them next time.

hi sara, it sure was a great weather day. i'm looking forward to discovering more great picnic spots around the harbour now :-)

Von said...

I haven't been to a picnic for ages!
The view from here looks great! Shame sbout the shade though....

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi von, once the native trees grow taller it should be even nicer. it also has some nice grass to sit on. :-)

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