04 April 2010

German Concordia Club: Hot Love, Tempe (3 April 2010)

Mackey Park, Richardsons Crescent, Tempe NSW 2044

Hot Love found in Tempe

The last time I visited the Concordia Club they were out of 'Hot Love' — the dessert that is. But this time around I was in luck to try. I thought it would be served in a bowl or plate but it finally in a large glass filled with Warm Cherries over Vanilla Ice Cream & cream ($6.50). Enough to share between two unless you're in need of a lot of hot love just for yourself. I also had the Weiner Schnitzel with Chips and Salad ($18) which was nice although keep in mind it's just a small side of salad on the plate and I would have liked the chips to be a bit more crispy too.

Other visits to Concordia Club:
3 April 2010 - Hot Love
25 Oct 2009 - Deep Fried Camembert, Pork Knuckle

PROS: Reasonable prices, Plenty of seating and parking, German beers on tap
CONS: Needs a bit of a renovation
MUST TRY: Hot Love

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wow, hot love? Hmm and where are the other photos of the schnitzel and chips and of the bill, interior and bathroom? It's not like you Simon :P

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi lorraine, i know i know, i actually wasn't going to blog it again so didn't take photos but when Hot Love was on the menu I had to add this one. :-) actually toilets is the one thing that really needs a big renovation. they are like old school yard toilets. huge area but very old.

Sara said...

I have been wanting to try the German Club for zonks now, just going back and reading your older posts. Hot love looks delish.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi sara, you can't get much more traditional than this place but keep in mind it it like an RSL club. Maggie's in Potts Point is pretty good too. serves Austrian/German good. still need to do a post on it. http://www.maggiespottspoint.com.au

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