04 May 2010

Home cooking: Carb-free meal using San José Premium Prosciutto (2 May 2010)

Simply & Lazy Lunch

I'm still endeavouring to finish the pork samples from the Bacon Week Launch and finally get to try the Premium Prosciutto from San José Smallgoods. It has a nice taste which melts in my mouth and is also pleasant on the nose without being too strong. I end up using it for a simply salad so I can appreciate the delicate taste of the meat and combine it with rocket leaves, canned tuna, grated parmesan and cherry tomatoes with a bit of balsamic dressing.

Other pork products sampled:
Prosciutto - San José Smallgoods
Guanciale - Campisi's Continental Butchery
Rosemary pancetta - Montecatini Speciality Smallgoods
Bacon Rashers - Schulte's Meat Tavern

San José Smallgoods Premium Prosciutto


phonakins said...

oh my arteries!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi phonakins, it actually wasn't too heavy so i think your arteries would have been fine :-)

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