17 April 2010

Campisi's Continental Butchery: Crispy Guanciale for Breakfast (17 April 2010)

Shop 1, 218 Fifteenth Ave, West Hoxton NSW 2171

Weekends are for crispy bacon

I'm not a hugh fan of the cured meats unless it's super soft jamon that melts in your mouth and isn't too strong on the nose so I've been pan frying many of the pork product samples I received from the Bacon Week Launch. Guanciale is unsmoked Italian bacon prepared with pig's jowl or cheek as wikipedia tells me. It has quite a strong taste and crisps up really well. There is quite a lot of fat in it which I drained on paper toweling before eating.

Other pork products sampled:
Prosciutto - San José Smallgoods
Guanciale - Campisi's Continental Butchery
Rosemary pancetta - Montecatini Speciality Smallgoods
Bacon Rashers - Schulte's Meat Tavernn

Crispy pan fried Guanciale


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tangerine eats said...

Crispy bacon is what gets me up in the mornings lol. What did you have with the Guanciale?

JT @ areyouhungary said...

That looks like GOOD bacon!

Brenda said...

Yum yum YUM! I love crispy bacon, so crispy you can hold it upright without it drooping to either side

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi tangerine eats, me too, or hash browns :-) just had it with scrambled eggs and toast with vegemite. a classic aussie breakfast for me.

hi JT, i like it when it goes really crispy and crackly.

hi brenda, that's how this one was. i use my sandwich toaster maker sometimes to cook bacon too so it cooks top and bottom at the same time.

Jen said...

Which bacon has been your favourite so far? I <3 crispy bacon!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi jen, i was pretty impressed with the top voted bacon from Schulte's Meat Tavern. it cooked up really well and tasted good. i think cooking up pancetta is always good as well and even lower quality pancetta will always taste great once fried to crispy goodness :-)

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Oh wow looking at that pic I can just tell that it was so crispy! =D

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi angie, definitely crisped up really nicely :-)

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