08 July 2010

Bread: Bill's Certified Organic Hi-Fibre Flaxseed Sourdough (8 July 2010)

B3/ 77 Munibung Road, Cardiff NSW 2285

Healthy bread at a price

If you're looking for a bread that has 12 ticks on it's packaging then this is the one for you. I generally prefer products that don't have any artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring but having more healthy tick boxes can't do you any harm. Of late I have found bread tends to make me feel quite heavy in the stomach — I must be getting perhaps more wheat intolerant — but this brand of bread seems to sit better for my body. Perhaps it's because the bread is less processed or has better ingredients?

Bill's Certified Organic stoneground sourdough breads have:
• NO added yeast
• NO dairy products
• NO chemical herbicides or pesticides
• NO artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring
• NO genetic modification
• NO added sugar
• NO animal products

For lunch today I have a couple of slices with some Simco Fresh Meats ham I got as a sample from the Ham Week Launch at Aperitif — combined with some cheese and tomato.

Do you buy a healthy style bread that you prefer?

PROS: Certified organic, Healthy bread option, Tastes pretty good, Conveniently available at Coles and Woolworths
CONS: More expensive than your run of the mill bread brands
MUST TRY: Perhaps the Sourdough Fruit Loaf next time

Bill's Organic Flaxseed Sourdough 620g, $5.49 Coles

Smells, looks and tastes like real bread

Ingredients — looks pretty healthy and high in fibre and low in saturated fat

Ham, cheese and tomato toastie


Laura said...

Now i want a toastie.

That cant be bread, its got nothing in it

Richard Elliot said...

Back in the UK I used to bake my own bread 2/3 times a week and hadn't bought a loaf in years. I haven't baked bread once since I been in Oz!

I havne't found a favourite brand yet, I also think Aussie bread is pretty expensive...

billy @ a table for two said...

"Smells, looks and tastes like real bread"

Actually i prefer my bread that is UNREAL! get it? :P

and do u know why there is no yeast added?

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi laura, hehe that's funny about not having anything in it but actually it does, just the good stuff i guess.

hi richard, i've never made my own bread but i reckon it would make the house smell so nice. i'm always on the look out for a healthy bread which is cheap and tastes great. i'm not sure if you can have all three though.

hi billy, hehe i'd love some unreal bread too. cheeky monkey. i assume there's no yeast added so it's for those people who are perhaps yeast intolerant.

Cheap Business Cards Online said...

Now I found bread like these, looks great plus it has nutritional value. My Mom is looking for this kind of bread and she’s craving for bread but without any preservatives at all ‘cause it’s too bad for her. Your bread is really appreciated! Thanks!

Suzi said...

Hi there, Sorry Simon you've got it all wrong! Let me help..

The whole point to sourdough (and the reason why your and my gut feels good with it) is that it's a fermented product.
Instead of putting yeast in, which is a fast raising agent, sourdough takes hours and hours to rise and develop. (Fermented) sourdough bread is full of friendly bacteria and is partially digested (as with all other fermented goods like true yoghurt, home made kim chi, raw cacao etc ) and full of good bacteria that gives it that sour taste.

THIS IS A GOOD THING! Because through soaking/sprouting/fermenting seeds, nuts and grains the seeds inhibitor is removed (the chemical that tells them not to grow yet) and the nutrients becomes readily available to absorb.

So no, yeast is just to make a cheap and nasty "sourdough flavoured" bread which will still make you feel heavy and yuk. It's a cheap rip off with yeast in.


Simon Leong said...

hi Suzi, thanks heaps for the info. great to know :-)

Anonymous said...

I have a multitude of intolerances, one being bakers and brewers yeast, this product actually tastes just like bread, and this has been a god-send for me and Im sure many others!
Most people are in fact intolerant to bakers and brewers yeast, it also increases bad yeast (Candida overgrowth) in your gut - so anything without these types of yeast is better for you all-round. Now Nutritional yeast is another story..

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, thanks for the extra details. very interesting to know about.

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