28 September 2010

Courthouse Hotel: Beer Garden and Pub Bistro, Newtown (26 Sept 2010)

202 Australia Street, Newtown NSW 2042

It's all about the beer garden

On a sunny day this locals pub is bound to be buzzing in the beer garden. All walks of life come to this watering hole which has a fairly reasonably priced bistro. Jugs of your favourite tap beer will fill 3 schooners and during the week there's special for only $10 of Coopers and Bulmers — check out the What's On board. I love the fun hand cut posters located around the beer garden of how to behave. Fairly standard wedges and nachos were OK as a stomach filler but nothing particularly special. Pick a nice day, head there early and grab a spot and soak up the very local Newtown atmosphere.

PROS: Extensive outdoor seating, Reasonably priced meal specials, Funny signage, Pinball machines
CONS: Hard to find a spot to sit when busy, Limited street parking, Can get very noisy
MUST TRY: Crowd watching, $15 Long Island Iced Tea jugs on Thursdays sounds like a winner

Lemon, lime and bitters

Carlton Draught jug fills 3 glasses (approx $12)



Outside seating and beer garden

Funny signage

AFL games on TV

On tap Carlton Dry $5 schooner, $14 Jug

What's on specials

Monday - Friday lunch specials $10

Pinball room


billy @ a table for two said...

HAAHHA those poster signs are awesome!!! LOL

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Thos signs are hilarious! I love the work that's gone into them... :)

Simon Leong said...

hi billy, i can't believe someone had the time and patience to cut them out of paper and make. they're brilliant though :-)

hi tina, i think they could make T-Shirts out of them :-)

Anonymous said...

hi..we have tried that $15 long island iced tea jug and it was a bit disappointing..the drink wasnt as strong enough as it should be :(

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, that's very disappointing to hear that the Long Island Iced Tea jug is on the weak side. it should be the strongest thing on the menu — but i guess if it was then everyone would be on the floor. :-)

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