09 September 2010

Establishment's 10th Birthday: Red Party, Sydney (8 Sept 2010)

252 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

X Marks the Party Spot

Arriving at 5.35 pm miraculously makes me first in line to this epic event which was set to open to the public at 6 pm. Upon entering one of the biggest free parties I think Justin Hemmes has created I kept wondering is there no end to his generosity of free drinks and canapés to hundreds of people he's never met. Once the main bar filled reached it's capacity it was on for young and old in trying to grab some food from the trays which the friendly service were challenged in sharing around. Drinks were flowing freely including cocktails called Berry Blush and French Pash all made to match the red theme, balloons and lighting. Red glasses and party hats were given out upon entry for those wanting more red apparel. I managed to track down most of the canapés on offer which included some very tasty quiche style tarts and an interesting prawn and fennel dumpling. There's 2 days left of what's been a 10 day celebration of specials. Day 9 brings $10 Moet flutes at est. sushi e and Hemmesphere and the final Day 10 is the Big Birthday Finale at Tank for only $10 entry — I'm sure there'll be some serious partying to be had.

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PROS: FREE drinks and canapés, Party atmosphere, Great decor
CONS: VERY popular & crowded — TAKE NO PRISONERS!
MUST TRY: Arriving early and grabbing a table to sit

Bar staff serve sparkling, coronas and white wine

Berry Blush cocktails lined up and ready to go

Sparkling, Heineken and Coronas ready and waiting

Fun loving cocktail makers

Red Party drinks list

Canapés on the way through — check out the looks of desperation hehe

Quiche style canapé

Chicken skewer canapé

Marinated beef skewer canapé

Vegetarian arancini canapés

Prawn and fennel dumpling canapé

Birthday cake girl blowing bubbles

Justin Hemmes and the party hostesses

If it's good enough for Justin then it's good enough for me — thanks ladies!

Mirrorball magic

Main bar filled with red party lights

Main bar preparing plenty of French Pash cocktails

Back garden bar full of red balloons

Sugarpuffi and Me with our red glasses and party hat

Red dragon party outfit

Baby and red birthday cake display

Video projections on balloon of ladies in red

X Marks The Spot

Lineup outside at 5.35 pm for the 6 pm open


Anonymous said...

Wow! You have been to HEAPS of PARTYS lately!

sugarpuffi said...

nice seeing u at the party! i had heaps of drinks (i think 7?!) and too many chicken skewers.

oh btw the link to my blog is wrong :P its www.sugarssweetblog.blogspot.com the one you linked to is my old blog XD

Simon Leong said...

hi ellie, i know it's crazy but i no complain :-)

hi sugarpuffi, OMG 7! that's crazy talk. you go girl! i only got one chicken skewer, i should have stuck around you. thanks for the link correction. have fixed :-)

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