22 December 2010

Barambah Organics: Bush Honey Yoghurt (21 Dec 2010)

Unit 2, 83 Boundary Road, Oxley QLD 4075

Certified organic and Australian

This is a guarantee that there is NO chemical residue in the product and that NO genetic modification has occurred. We use holistic farming practices and the original farm, Spring Creek, in the South Burnett, Queensland, has been farmed that way for many years.

I love trying new products that are also good for you, especially if they're certified organic. Today I needed some yoghurt to go with my blueberries for dessert and thought the Barambah Organics Bush Honey Yoghurt ($3.99/200g) from Royal Randwick Fruit Market would do the trick. It had a nice creamy taste and the honey was distinctive enough without making it too sweet. It's a lot more expensive than your run-of-the-mill yoghurts but it certainly ticks the boxes for a product you can probably trust — the fat content seems to be fairly low as well. It looks like Kylie Kwong even loves it and she's a big advocate of organics and quality ingredients.

PROS: Certified organic, Tastes pretty good, Healthy for you, Product of Australia
CONS: Expensive compared to other basic yoghurts
MUST TRY: Other flavours

Barambah Organics Bush Honey Yoghurt ($3.99/200g)
Ingredients: Certified Organic Unhomogenised Milk, Certified Organic Non-Fat Milk Solids, Certified Organic Honey, Live Cultures

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Anna Johnston said...

Love this stuff too.

Laura said...

i use their low fat EVERY DAY on my fruit porn, i love this yogurt sooooooo much

Simon Leong said...

hi anna, i'll certainly be looking out for it more.

hi laura, if you love it then i love it because i know how healthy you eat :-)

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