18 December 2010

Don Campos: For Coffee Fanatics, Alexandria (18 Dec 2010)

21 Fountain Street, Alexandria NSW 2015

For the coffee fanatics

This is truly a barista's dream come true. Our first operating Slayer espresso machine - working very well after months of research and tinkering here at HQ as well, our first, (and perhaps a Sydney first), siphon bar serving only select grand cru Single Origin coffees. The Baristas are Specialty Coffee fanatics who have been with us for years.

I've been wanting to check out this place after hearing about it at The Cupping Room session so while visiting Dan Murphy's across the road for some much needed Christmas cheer I popped over for a quick looksie. There's limited signage on the outside which makes it not very noticeable from the street and they seem to be one of the first tenants of this renovated lofty warehouse space. The coffee equipment looks pretty serious including their Slayer espresso machine which can do varying pressure — for a coffee novice like me I don't really understand it but sounds impressive. They also have the laboratory looking siphon which I've heard so much about at Sensory Lab in Melbourne. There's even a drip style coffee apparatus which is run overnight and the filtered coffee is served cold. There's some simple baguettes and pastries on offer and the staff are pretty friendly and seem to know a lot about making a good coffee although I've yet to try — next time.

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PROS: Light and airy space, Spacious seating compared to Newtown store, Different coffee choices including siphon, Friendly staff
CONS: Not close to my home, Not much else around the area
MUST TRY: The different styles of coffee preparation

Slayer espresso machine in foreground

Barista fanatics


Coffee drip filter apparatus

Coffee beans for sale

Brewing today menu

Seating with room to move

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kewpie said...

visited don campos today. am very happy that someone's open on the weekend... unlike all press and single origin roasters... had a good affogato and a flat white. yum!

Jim said...

It looks awesome and they use Campos which is a bonus. I drive past here often so I will definitely stop.

Simon Leong said...

hi kewpie, glad to hear the coffees are good. hope to try them in due course.

hi j bar, being a campos store they would have to use campos. worthy of a stop indeed! :-)

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