30 April 2011

Chat Thai: Closed for renovations until 1 Oct at The Galeries, Sydney (29 Apr 2011)

Shop 5, Lower Ground, Food Avenue, The Galeries
500 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Chat Thai heading to Westfield

If you've been a fan of the Chat Thai in The Galeries like me then you'll be sad to know they're closing for renovations until 1 October but their sign mentions they'll have a branch opening in Westfield Sydney on 17 August just down the road. Let's hope the prices remain just as reasonable but I'm suspecting like all eateries in the new Westfield Sydney they'll probably be a bit more expensive. The last time I visited I spotted someone ordering the Kana Moogrob ($8.90) so I thought I'd give it a try. It's quite a delicious sight of chinese broccoli and sliced crisp pork belly but it's the abundance of fresh chilli that has me quite scared. Thankfully it's more a sweet chilli than the heart-stopping variety. There's a decent amount of pork, with some bits more crisp than others. The Duck Noodle Soup ($9.90) has nice depth of flavour in the five-spiced smoked duck stock although being a fatty meat there's also a fair amount of skin which can't be too healthy.

Other visits to Chat Thai:
29 April 2011 - Kana Moogrob, Duck Noodle Soup
3 June 2009 - Chicken Fried Rice
4 June 2009 - Boat Noodle Soup with Pork, Som Tum: Green Papaya Salad

PROS: Good tasting dishes at reasonable prices
CONS: The Galeries Chat Thai closing for renovations but hopefully bigger and better when reopened, Existing food court a bit run down
MUST TRY: Visiting the Westfield Sydney Chat Thai once it opens

Kana Moogrob: Stir fry of chinese broccoli, fresh chilli and sliced crisp pork belly on rice ($8.90)

Duck Noodle Soup: Rice moodle in five-spiced smoked duck stock, BBQ duck fillets, bean sprouts, dressed with coriander and shallots ($9.90)

Closing for renovations until 1 Oct 2011

Menu specials

Food court seating


joey@FoodiePop said...

I think you'll be right regarding the higher prices at the Westfield.

Nicole said...

This is so sad! My favourite place to lunch :(

thang @ noodlies said...

My god everything is opening in Westfields!

Joseph said...

Im a fan of Chat Thai in the galleries too , like you said good food ,quick and cheap.

Westfeilds = higher price I think unfortunately...

Tony Hollingsworth said...

Thanks Simon we're just lamenting TGV Chat Thai being closed as we love the Pad Grapaow (ground chicken) dish! We were wondering when they would show up again in Sydney CBD Westfield as I even walked over this week to see - only the new JB Hi Fi and a new restaurant on Level 6 so far.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi joey, seems to be the way it's all gone but i guess it's nicer and cleaner seating too.

hi nicole, hopefully it'll be back bigger and better.

hi thang, it seems to be the centre of the universe at the moment, or at least Sydney :-)

hi joseph, let's hope it doesn't become much more expensive. i guess the higher rental will eventually drive prices up.

hi tony, looks like it won't be long until they open in Westfield. sounds like a few months away.

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