05 April 2011

Nespresso: Limited Edition 'Onirio' Coffee Launch at Baroque, Sydney (5 April 2011)

88 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Coffee, flora & fragrance

With a fragrant bouquet of white flowers, jasmine and orange blossom, the in-cup flavours of Onirio have been layered with the sophistication of a fine French fragrance

Thanks to Krystyna from Weber Shandwick for inviting me to this special breakfast launch of the new Nespresso Limited Edition coffee ‘Onirio’. An 8 am start time is like a different world for me so the organised taxi pickup certainly helped getting me to Baroque at The Rocks. I’ve met two types of people who use Nespresso, those that love it and those who adore it. I’m not sure if it’s the ease of use, the taste or just thinking they’re one step closer to being with George Clooney that makes people so passionate, even fanatical about their Nespresso.

Arriving to a table setting fit for a Royal Wedding with window views towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge guests were treated to an assortment of pastries and cakes prepared on site by Baroque. Being a non-caffeine addict I usually kick start my day with fruit juice so the orange juice was most welcomed before delving into a scrumptiously wicked (as in good) mini chocolate and pistachio roulade with excellent caramelisation and lightness of pastry that melted in your mouth. Followed shortly by delicate and airy mini ham & cheese croissants which I simply couldn’t stop at one. The cute mini mixed fruit tartlets and mini raspberry mousses toyed with the waistline and mini mixed Danishes were superbly fresh and delicious. As a special treat Baroque made some Nespresso Onirio Macarons which were well-balanced with a nice smooth taste of coffee — I think they should consider having these on the menu.

The fashionable and entertaining Clint Dowdell, Australian Fragrance Specialist, explained the fragrance notes associated with Onirio. As fragrances of Osmanthus, un parfum d'Ailleurs & Fleurs and Jasmin de Nuit were handed out along with all the surrounding white floral arrangements it wasn’t a far stretch to start thinking I was part of some private women’s high tea party. Nevertheless with my fellow male comrades in short supply, we joined the ladies in appreciating an espresso of Onirio. My preference for coffee is usually with sugar and milk so a following order of a cappuccino was more to my liking and palate. Not too strong, not too weak, as it sat on the Nespresso scale in the middle for strength. The Nespresso Pixie coffee machine ($399 RRP) was also being showcased in its three available colours. Quite a compact unit for those with little bench space but just as adept in punching out those cute little coffee pods synonymous with Nespresso.

The Onirio Grand Cru and accessories collection will be available from Nespresso Boutiques nationwide and online from 18 April 2011.

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5 April 2011 - Nespresso Limited Edition 'Onirio'

PROS: A mid strength coffee with floral notes that will suit most that are not die hard ristretto devotees, Nespresso machines are easy to use, clean and take up minimal bench space, Pods seem reasonably priced
CONS: Coffee can be addictive for some and a lifeline for those that have it regularly each morning
MUST TRY: Mini chocolate and pistachio roulade, Mini ham & cheese croissants

Nespresso Onirio coffee — straight up

Nespresso Onirio cappuccino

Nespresso Pixie coffee machine ($399 RRP)

Orange juice to kick start my day

Beloka Water Australian Alps sparkling and still

Mini chocolate and pistachio roulade

Mini ham & cheese croissants, Mini assorted quiches

Mini ham & cheese croissants

Mini mixed fruit tartlet, Mini raspberry mousse

Mini mixed fruit tartlet, Mini raspberry mousse

Mini mixed Danish

Nespresso Onirio macarons

Table setting

Place card — fragrant soap

Fragrance and flora decor

Nespresso Onirio product display

Clint Dowdell, Australian Fragrance Specialist

Breakfast guests

Professional photographer going in for the shot

Beautiful hand writing

The Different Company fragrances: Osmanthus, un parfum d'Ailleurs & Fleurs, Jasmin de Nuit

Goodie Bag of Onirio Accessories Collection

Jean-Michel Raynaud, Chef and Production & Business Development Manager, preparing the macarons

Other enticing desserts from Baroque

Harbour bridge views


Zina @ tastedbytwo said...

What a gorgeous launch! Nespresso do know their way around branding.

Vivian - vxdollface said...

I completely agree with Zina! Absolutely on top of their marketing :)

Laura said...

brilliant job. it looks incredible.

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Love Baroque! And that lady has such beautiful cursive handwriting!

YaYa said...

Whoa, so much sugar so early in the morning! But the new Nespresso machine sure does look really cute! Brilliant move launching it at Baroque!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Oooh, gorgeous table setting, but no George...? :(

OohLookBel said...

Beautiful placement and launch. I love white flowers - and the Pixie machine!

shawn@streetfood said...

I stuck my nose in the air at Nespresso machines until I actually tried it. I absolutely passionatley hate to admit it but the Nespresso makes good espresso. How could George Clooney be wrong?

Michal said...

Simon, it's always wonderful to have you at Baroque - not just for your lovely nature and honest reviews but for the pics...We LOVE your photos. We may just have to buy a few ;) Your eye for detail is supreme! Keep up the great work.

susan said...

what a great event. I love the look of that place too. I really need to visit it when I am in the rocks next.

Anonymous said...

I received an online newsletter from Baroque and was glad to see that your entry was featured in it. =)

Nationwide Coffee Machines said...

I also agree it is really beautiful & the pattern is also wonderful. Great job done.

Simon Leong said...

hi zina, they certainly do have a very well branded product. i see the queues in their stores so they must be doing something right.

hi vivian, i wonder if we can buy shares in Nespresso?

hi laura, thanks

hi joey, i love great hand writing. i have terrible writing i think.

hi yaya, seemed to be a very well chosen venue to launch the new flavour.

hi tina, bummer about George but maybe the next one ;-)

hi bel, would love to have a go at that pixie machine. nice colours.

hi shawn, i'm not a big coffee drinker but it's amazing what they can produce out of these pod machines.

hi Michal, thanks so much for your kind words. if you need to purchase any of the images please email me and we can work something out :-)

hi susan, baroque is definitely worth a visit, even if its just to pick up a few macarons

hi happynomnomnom, that sounds pretty cool. i didn't know about that.

hi Nationwide Coffee Machines, thanks for dropping by :-)

espresso reviews said...

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Simon Leong said...

hi espresso reviews, thanks for stopping by the blog. feel free to use a link back to this blog review. if you use any text it needs to be credited to Simon Food Favourites and a copy sent to me for checking :-)

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