01 July 2011

Olympus Pen Series Launch with Pearl Catering at Boutwell Draper Gallery, Redfern (30 June 2011)

PEN mightier than the phone

Thanks to Steve Stammers from Weber Shandwick for inviting me along to the launch of the new Olympus PEN Series 3. It wasn't that long ago when I was contemplating on whether I'd get a Micro Four Thirds camera as an upgrade to my compact Canon IXUS 105 but in the end I decided to go for a Canon 60D. I've been very happy with the purchase but I guess there are times when a more compact camera would be very ideal as a lighter carry option. I look forward to the day when a full-size sensor fits in a very compact camera body with a very low aperture zoom. The Fuji FinePix x100 is probably the closest so far I've heard of but doesn't have the zoom capability — a 10 times zoom would be nice like the Ricoh CX5. Apparently the new E-P3 is advertised as having the World's fastest Auto Focus (among interchangeable lens type digital camera available as of 30 June 2011) which would be a pretty handy feature when you simply need to get the shot with little delay. I didn't get a chance to test any of the cameras on the night as I was too focused on the excellent canapes being provided by Pearl Catering which I fondly remember enjoying at the Angela Wilson Bridal Gala event last year. Alas, there was also no Olympus E-P3 in the goodie bag.

The calm and collected chefs Dean and Adam produced some very tasty and creative canapes in their makeshift kitchen set up in the gallery storage. I'm amazed what chefs can sometimes create with a simple portable oven, basic single stove top and fry pan. The Grilled QLD scallops were one of my favourites tonight which were easy to eat and so tasty. The homemade Gyozas with shitake mushroom and chinese cabbage were also excellent with the right softness that melted in your mouth with an explosion of balanced flavours. An honorable mention goes to the nicely presented Thinly sliced yellow tail kingfish served in a Chinese spoon which always makes it easy to eat. I was very impressed with the Vanilla bean custard baked in filo with icing sugar and cinnamon with pastry so crispy yet delicate that simply melted in your mouth and the custard was nicely flavoured with real vanilla bean. It was a very well managed event and it was interesting to see the three artists creating their art during the event. I wonder if their pieces will end up at the Olympus head office?

Whipped brie and chervil in a proscuitto crown with sourdough crouton, roasted hazelnuts and mugolio


Moroccan spiced chicken breast pieces skewered and char grilled with chermoula

Grilled QLD scallops served on top of Sicilian eggplant with grilled chorizo and salsa verde

Gyoza: Pan fried shitake mushroom and chinese cabbage and spring onion dumplings served with a chilli soy and sesame dressing

Thinly sliced yellow tail kingfish, pink grapefruit, red radish and citrus vinaigrette with shiso leaves

Baked custard - Vanilla bean custard baked in filo with icing sugar and cinnamon

Bread and butter pudding - A moist pudding made with croissants fresh dates and dark chocolate glazed with a chocolate ganache

Mini Blueberry tarts

Chefs Dean and Adam, Pearl Catering

Artist 1

Artist 2

Artist 3

Official speech time

The Olympus team

Olympus PEN E-P3

Olympus PEN E-PL3

Olympus PEN E-PM3

Marketing campaign posters — www.getarealcamera.com

Gallery crowd

DJ in the house/gallery

I love this painting on the gallery wall

Goodie bag — Olympus branded merchandise — What, no free camera!

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OohLookBel said...

That is such a cool camera. I'd go for it on looks alone.

Richard Elliot said...

Another event I'm very jealous you attended! I think the Pen cameras are great, I would have loved to play with one of the new models.

The canapes look fantastic too.

Anonymous said...

On one hand I'm really quite interested in this camera... been following the micro 4/3rds development over the past year or so, and this finally looks like a camera I'd like to buy to supplement my dslr.

On the other hand, that marketing campaign is such a snobbish turn off...!! Ugh

The canapes look great though!

Shawn said...

This Pen fanboy drools with jealousy...

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