22 March 2012

JANUS Launch: Cured Meats, Cocktails and Canapés, CBD Sydney (21 Mar 2012)

1 Bligh Street, Sydney NSW 2000

A new Italian passion begins

Thanks to Kim Veverka from Magnet PR for inviting me to the launch of JANUS which has three locations around the CBD, two of which are located at 1 Bligh St. I've been to the Bligh Street location previously for a coffee but after sampling the thinly sliced melt-in-your-mouth cured meats, flavoursome cheeses and well-balanced cocktails I'm now really interested to try more of their menu including the breakfast, antipasti, pizzas, pastas and desserts. It was a great space to hold the event with a backdrop of green foliage and I've never seen so many high heels since the Bondi Pizza First Birthday event — I guess it must be an Italian thing? From an event perspective there was the right amount of people to feel the buzz and excitement while spacious enough to easily get a drink or try the food which was in plentiful supply. Event service was efficient and friendly so I'm hoping all these ticks translate to the reality of what JANUS is striving to achieve. Urbanspoon reviews seem to be favourable so far anyway.

PROS: Canapes and cocktails served were very good, Band was great, Red carpet made everyone feel special when they arrived
CONS: I don't have enough money for a Ferrari
MUST TRY: Visiting to try more of their menu when I get a chance

Cocktails in the making

Americano cocktail: Campari and red vermouth stirred with soda water

Vanilla Pash cocktail: A fusion of passionfruit, vanilla and lychees

Beers and wines on offer from the bar

Cured meats and cheeses on offer

Slicing up the meat with a Berkel

Cured meats



Goats cheese and tomato canape

Every event needs a red carpet to make it more special

Crowd spotting

Great band got the party atmosphere going

Official photographer going in for a cheesy shot

Goodie bag of a lemon meringue — was very nice and reminded me a bit of the one from Bacco Pasticceria


Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

Meh, don't feel bad. If you had a Ferrari, no room for a baby seat :)

Lola (Figs & Brie) said...

Simon, cannot believe I didn't see you there!

Simon Leong said...

hi sara, that's true but we'd use the Holden Commodore instead if we had baby on board and daddy can use the Ferrari to get home more quickly from blog events hehe

hi lola, i was only there til about 6.40 pm so might have missed you if you came later? hope you enjoyed the night and drank the bar dry ;-)

Lola said...

Ahh I see, we arrived later. You missed out on some amazing pumpkin ravioli with biscotti!

Brisbane Devoured said...

You mean thats not your Ferrari parked out the front there? :P

Simon Leong said...

hi lola, don't tell me that now :-(

hi brisbane devoured, no silly — mine's yellow and it was in service that day ;-)

Miss Kimbers said...

Delicious: PROPER sliced meat! None of this supermarket rubbish!

Simon Leong said...

hi miss kimbers, the difference is amazing.

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