30 March 2012

MCA Café: Views of Sydney Harbour, The Rocks, Sydney (29 Mar 2012)

Level 4, 140 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

A café with a view

With the reopening of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, tourists and locals alike are now spoilt with a new café on level 4 run by Fresh Catering which has spectacular views overlooking the harbour towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I chose the Crispy School Prawns, Garlic Aioli ($16) which were crispy as hoped, tasty and quite decently sized. I left most of the prawn heads which could have been eaten but I didn't want to run the risk of being spiked in the gum by their pointy heads. The ones I've had at District Dining were probably just a bit more crispier and tasty. The White Anchovies, Bruschetta with Salsa Verde ($10) was a nice size for one and well-flavoured without being too salty. When ordering I was told The Juice Guys on the drinks menu wasn't available so they suggested orange juice instead. I ended up with The Juice Guys Mango & Passionfruit ($5) anyway which I think was actually $6 on the menu. I wasn't sure if the lady serving me couldn't find the item on the register or if orange juice didn't exist because it didn't seem to be listed on the drinks menu when I looked.

Service seemed friendly although it was obvious they were finding their feet on the opening day. The restaurant manager seemed to be keeping an eye on the floor staff although he might like to consider tightening his belt as his undies were showing when he reached for something over the kitchen pickup counter — it might be cool to have exposed undies in a club but perhaps not in a café. I hope to revisit soon to try the fruit tart I spotted on the cakes display and to see what their coffee and hot chocolate is like. Also the Potato Scallops with Rosemary & Garlic Salt ($8) and Wagyu Beef, Pickled Beetroot & Gruyere Burger ($18) are calling my name. The art seemed a bit scarce for a so called Sculpture Terrace but perhaps there’s more to come?

PROS: Excellent harbour views towards Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Fairly interesting menu, Price seems OK considering the view, Service seemed friendly, Free entry to exhibitions, Photography allowed in the galleries
CONS: Early days so service still finding their feet, Seating next to the counter becomes a bit close to people queuing when it’s busy so best to avoid, Restaurant manager needs to tighten his belt so you can’t see his undies (G-Star I believe) when he reaches over the kitchen counter
MUST TRY: Crispy School Prawns, Returning to try other dishes and desserts

Cafe view

Crispy School Prawns, Garlic Aioli ($16)

I ate some of the heads but I played it safe this time as I didn't want to get spiked in the gum as sometimes can happen

White Anchovies, Bruschetta with Salsa Verde ($10)

The Juice Guys Mango & Passionfruit — straw please

Bill $31 for one — Preshafruit Valencia Orange ordered but for some reason got Mango Passionfruit which I wanted in the first place anyway but was told they didn't have it

Revisited 3 April 2012
Oracle Organic Cloudy Apple Juice ($6)

Salmon & Pecorino Tart with Salad ($16) — tart a little dry but had nice flavours

Potato Scallops with Rosemary & Garlic Salt ($8) — wasn't quite what I was hoping for, scallops too thick for my liking and prefer the version at Bondi's Best

Mulloway with Quinoa, Broad Bean & Preserved Lemon Salad ($18) — quite nice flavours, would have thought fish would have been presented on top rather than covered underneath

Table supports — you know how I feel about them when like this

— — —

Cakes look good — hopefully will try next time with a coffee

Inside seating

MAC Cafe views of harbour

Chefs in the kitchen from Fresh Catering

Floor directory

You might have seen this on the street posters — I'm still trying to work out what it means though

I liked this piece which changed colours

Quite a popular cinema room

A can of paint becomes art

Cute shoes

More open window views is nice

Quite nice pieces

Tour group

Green dog, yellow objects — I'm not quite sure what it all means

Similar gallery space to before

I wasn't sure if this was an artist in residence?

There's actually text on that white wall to read

Lie down and watch the clouds form in the ceiling

Not so keen on this piece of art

Even the lift has a great view

Nice open spaces

Circular Quay entrance

George Street entrance
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Eccles said...

"he might like to consider tightening his belt as his undies"...hahaha! Nothing escapes the Eye of Simon. Thank you for not including a photo. And thank you for letting us know MCA Cafe is back online.

JB said...

I loooooooove crispy school prawns! The heads are the best part, Simon!

SarahKate said...

White anchovies!! YUM! Love all the art pics in this post.

Dolly said...

love the view!!!

mmmhh alio makes things go down well..

ahh i forgot to reply... hope u had a nice lunch x

missklicious said...

Ooh, can't wait to check out the new MCA!

KayB said...

MCA is my fav gallery in Sydney! Can't wait to check out the views and try this cafe!

Miss Kimbers said...

So that is what they were building all this time.
I like your comment about the restaurant manager's pants! Made me laugh:)
The cakes are calling me to pay a visit;)

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Fantastic! I love the MCA and can't wait to visit the refurb. And a new cafe with stunning views? Awesome!

Jenny (minibites) said...

I love the MCA! I'm so happy that it's finally opening again. The menu reminds me a bit of district dining though!!

Simon Leong said...

hi eccles, if i was quick enough i probably would have had a photo for you ;-)

hi jb, i know know, they have the most flavour but the last two times i've eaten crispy prawns i've been stabbed in the gum and had something stuck between the teeth. perhaps i was just eating them too fast. have to be so careful.

hi sarah, hope you get to check it out soon.

hi dolly, probably the best free view in sydney so far

hi missklicious, i'm sure you'll enjoy

hi kayb, me too plus white rabbit plus AGNSW.

hi miss kimbers, i'm hoping they have those fruit tarts this week as i'm planning to visit again for an arvo coffee

hi joey, awesomeness for sure. hope the rest of the food is good too. time will tell.

hi jenny, the wooden platters certainly reminds me of district dining hehe

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those from the kitchen dedicated towards providing you with the better food everyday. Come and check it out, you won't be disappointed. xxx
Pramod, MCA Cafe

Simon Leong said...

hi pramod, must be a nice place to work with one of the best views in sydney. i'd love to know what's been your most popular dishes?

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon, it's gotta be one of the best places to work at. I just love it. Wagyu beef burgers should be the most popular in the menu. I lose count how many burgers we sell everyday.
Pramod, MCA Cafe

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