04 March 2012

Sydney Mardi Gras 2012 celebrates with Kylie Minogue (3 March 2012)

Oxford Street, Taylor Square and Flinders Street

Free, Gay & Happy times

I hope all those that attended the Sydney Mardi Gras 2012 parade had a wonderful and gay time and managed to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Kylie Minogue celebrating her 25 years in the music industry. It looks like there were lots of very interesting costumes on show and the rain didn't seem to dampen the spirits. I noticed earlier in the week Oxford Street had some colourful rainbow inspired window displays. I'm sure all the gay-friendly bars will be packed tonight with queues running down the street to probably the next bar. I didn't have a chance to check out the parade this year but I look forward to seeing the highlights on Mardi Gras TV.

I remember the last time I visited The Oxford aka 'Totally Gay' back on 19 May 2010 the Socceroos were playing in the World Cup against Germany. The whole bar cheered when Australia scored a goal — that was quite a surreal moment. Across the road is the ever famous Stonewall complete with drag shows. I wonder if the Tarzan theme is still alive and well on the ground floor? And I'm sure Palms will be as ever popular along with Midnight Shift and Slide.

Here's my 10 tips to survive a Mardi Gras parade:
1. Wear comfortable and closed shoes unless you're dressing in drag
2. Take a bottle of water
3. Eat before or take some snacks
4. Take a camera with an extra battery
5. Bring wet weather gear but travel light
6. Work out where the available toilets are
7. Arrive early and find a spot to view the parade
8. Take someone with you to mind your spot
9. Find a milk crate, then find another milk crate and stack it
10. Be prepared to walk part way home as taxis and public transport will probably be full — see tip 1 again

2012 window displays

The Oxford, May 2010

Stonewall, June 2010

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

It dampened my spirit all right, all the way home! LOL

Thanks for all the great pics of the window displays Simon! Easier than walking up and down Oxford Street. :-)

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, I guess the rain would have kept the crowds down a bit then. hope the parade was good.

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