18 July 2012

Roadies Cafe: Pizza and Breakfast, Gloucester (13 July 2012)

77 Church Street, Gloucester NSW 2422

Big breakfast for the road

The small rural town of Gloucester seemed to be pretty thin on restaurants when searching Urbanspoon for possible dinner options but Roadies Cafe came up trumps with 93% liked after 16 people. A takeaway Classic Supreme Pizza ($19.50 large) ordered without pineapple was quite flavoursome with nice large olives and tasty pepperoni although the cheese wasn't particularly elastic liked you'd hope for making it rather heavy on the palate. The toppings could have been more evenly distributed over the base for my liking but overall it hit the spot for a late night dinner to fill the stomach. The next day a visit for breakfast was enjoyable with the Big Day Out ($18.50) feast of crispy bacon, grilled tomato, chipolatas, hash brown potatoes, thick cut toast, sautéed mushrooms and eggs. The decent sized hash brown was crispy as hoped and the mushrooms were cooked particularly well. A basic tomato sauce seemed to be available on the tables but I would have thought some of their specially bottled BBQ sauce would have been a great opportunity to try. A bit of jam or vegemite for the toast would have been gold for me. The Fluffy pancakes with berry compote and cream ($13.25) were quite nice although I reckon some maple syrup on the side would have been good too. Service was friendly and the decor is quite interesting, especially if you're a fan of motorbikes.

PROS: Friendly staff, Interesting decor, Fair amount of menu options, Nice background ambient music was played at breakfast time
CONS: Cheese on the pizza could be more elastic for my liking, Very limited dining choices in Gloucester
MUST TRY: Big Day Out (big breakfast) for hungry stomachs
Latte ($3.80), Freshly squeezed orange and apple juice ($5.95)

Fluffy pancakes with berry compote and cream ($13.25)

Big Day Out: A hearty feast of crispy bacon, grilled tomato, chipolatas, hash brown potatoes, thick cut toast, sautéed mushrooms, eggs to your liking ($18.50)

Crispy hash brown as hoped

Decent amount of bacon and nice mushrooms

Breakfast menu

Classic Supreme Pizza ($19.50 large)

Quite a flavoursome base

Cheese could probably be a bit more elastic

Pizza sauce for sale

BBQ sauce for sale

Motorbikes on display

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Rachel said...

I love the cool look of the cafe. I would love to have a lazy breakfast at a retro style cafe, any suggestions in and around Sydney?? Maybe somewhere you would expect the team at Porteno to hang out in their downtime!

Simon Leong said...

hi rachel, deus cafe http://www.deuscafe.com.au might be the answer to your motorbike decor cafe in Sydney and i'm thinking Jazz City Diner might be a bit retro http://www.jazzcitydiner.com but haven't been there yet.

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