21 January 2013

Product Test: Coway Juicepresso, Cold Press Juicer (19 Dec 2012)

Cold blooded nutritional juicing

“Juicepresso squeezes slowly rather than grinds quickly, so on top of not producing friction and heat, it minimises noise and is whisper quiet. It also consumes less electricity and is up to 10x more energy-efficient than traditional juicers.”

Thanks to Vivien Mah from Andatech for providing a Coway Juicepresso to test. I was hoping to have seen it demonstrated at the MasterChefLIVE 2012 but I missed out so this was a good opportunity to see how it performed. It takes up less bench space than the Philips HR1871 Juicer and is much quieter being a cold press juicer. I've never used a cold press juicer before and found a pretty good website that compares a few of them based on their features. The parts are quite simple to put together and take apart for washing. Performance wise the juicing of apple, orange, grapefruit, pineapple and kale went well but tomato left pulp and carrot left bits. Possibly a second juicing would have refined these to a more pure juice. All fruit and vegetables needed to be cut and prepared to fit in the chute to be juiced which is more time consuming than using a juicer than can take whole fruits. Flavour wise the apple, orange, grapefruit and pineapple were very enjoyable to drink with lots of distinctive flavour while the kale probably should have been mixed with another fruit like apple to make it more palatable but it did a very good job at juicing it. Washing up was relatively easy and some brushing of the filter mesh was required to clean it thoroughly. The machine comes with a simple recipe book for juice ideas and overall it's a simple juicer to use.

PROS: Flavoursome juice, Simple to use, Fairly easy to clean
CONS: Fruit and vegetables need to be cut up before juicing, Tomato and carrot didn't juice as effectively as hoped, Apparently doesn't juice avocado, banana and mango particularly well
MUST TRY: Juicing tomato and carrot through a second time
VERDICT: Quite a powerful yet compact juicer that's easy to clean and simple to use. Pricing and features compared to other cold press juicers will determine its attractiveness to purchase
Requires small bench space
Simple step by step recipes — very basic instructions
Day 1 testing: apple, orange, grapefruit, tomato
Day 2 testing: carrot, pineapple, orange, kale
Apple juicing — good result and flavour
Orange juicing — good result and flavour

Grapfruit juicing — good result and flavour
Tomato juicing — too much pulp made it through to juice. A second juicing is recommended.
Carrot juicing — too many bits coming through with the juice. Perhaps a second juicing would refine to just juice?

Pineapple juicing — good result and flavour
Kale juicing — good result but would suggest mixing in apple juice to make flavour more palatable

Washing water through after kale juice
Components for washup. Easy to disconnect and carry without mess
Parts quite easy to take apart and clean fairly easily
The mesh filter requires a bit of extra cleaning with brush supplied which isn't too difficult

Parts that required washing — fairly simple and easily to put back together


Lee said...

Awesome! It’s so great to see more awareness of the difference between traditional centrifugal juicers (high speed cause heat) and the much better cold press slow juicers.

Not only are they quieter and more efficient, but if you’re going to store the juice, you’d be much better off to use a cold press slow juicer. (because it’s cold pressed, the enzymes are not as quickly denatured and the juice last longer with more nutrition).

I’ve personally found that the Coway Juicepresso cold press slow juicer is fantastic for juicing greens. And super quiet. I’ve also had a breville juicer for many years – and used the heck out of it. However the difference in juice quality for the Juicepresso (being cold pressed) is amazing. And it’s super quiet (40rpm). They are also on sale for mothers day at the moment reduced to $387 (from $499).


In saying all that, however, since having the Juicepresso in my toolkit, I’ve been able to Juice early in the mornings as it is super quiet and quick to clean (at least compared to the old juice fountain).

Another benefit to juicing at home is that you can choose where the produce comes from (ie: fresh, organic etc..)

Thanks for the great in-depth review on the Juicepresso. I'd been considering doing it myself - but now I can just send people to this page!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Simon for this thorough review! I have been using Juicepresso for years and I can say it is a wonderful experience. I get what I need and what I want from a juicer. It's easy to use and really effective in juicing. We have been selling it have received great reviews http://www.feelgoodstore.com.au/premium-coway-juicepresso-cold-press-slow-juicer-in-black-limited-stocktake-sale-until-sold-out/

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