23 January 2013

The Sharing House: Modern Australian sharing plates with a twist, Melbourne (23 May 2012)

35 Dukes Walk, South Wharf Promenade, South Wharf VIC 3006

Sharing with a twist of fun

“As the name stands, The Sharing House philosophy is to provide a sharing-style menu using high-quality seasonal ingredients to produce classic items with a modern Briggs-esq twist.”

A casual lunch break from the 2012 agIdeas design conference at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre nearby brings me to the lego filled The Sharing House. Crab toasties ($10 each) filled with spanner crab, horseradish and apple are quite good but expensive since it works out to be $10 for actually half a toastie. Was thinking it might have gone well with some sort of cucumber salsa on the side to make it more substantial. The Gravalax ($12) is nicely presented although a little awkward to serve on the crostinis provided. Perhaps if the ocean trout cured with apple vodka and mustard creme fraiche was already on the crostini would make it ready to share and eat. Oyster shucked to order with merlot vinegar and shallots ($4.50) comes at a high price and felt some of the brine was missing but had a nice fresh taste. A slice of lemon would have made up for the lack of brine. 

If you're going to order anything then make sure you get the Rabbit and cauliflower popcorn ($12) served in a parmesan breadcrumb with roasted garlic aioli. It has the taste, crunch and addictive appeal to go well with a beer. Pumpkins ($10) is actually pumpkin tortellini with sage butter. Quite nice but felt it needed more robust flavour from the sage butter that wasn't as noticeable as hoped. 5 inch pizza of prawn, garlic, tomato and chilli salsa ($16) was quite small for price but had really good flavours with an enjoyable salsa on top. Service was quite welcoming and helpful to keep our short lunch visit on time with the kitchen order. I like the quirky decor and wish I had more time to stay to try the desserts — perhaps next time.

PROS: Fun decor, Helpful service, Interesting menu, Seasonal and quality ingredients, Nice presentation
CONS: Sun glares through window on some of the tables depending on time, I don't get to Melbourne very often, What are those tiny spoons for?
MUST TRY: Rabbit and cauliflower popcorn
VERDICT: A casual and fun dining space that suits diners who love to share dishes
Mr Giraffe says hi and welcome

Table setting

Not quite sure what I'll be using these tiny spoons for?

Crab toasties: Spanner crab with horseradish and apple ($10 each) — quite good but expensive

Gravalax: Ocean trout cured with apple vodka, textures of apple and mustard creme fraiche ($12) — nice presentation but a little awkward to serve on crostinis 

Oyster (Coffin Bay) shucked to order with merlot vinegar and shallots ($4.50) — high price and lacked brine and fresh taste

Rabbit and cauliflower popcorn: Confit rabbit and cauliflower, in a parmesan breadcrumb, served with roasted garlic aioli ($12) — great taste, crunch and addictive

Pumpkins: Pumpkin tortellini with sage butter ($10) — quite nice but felt it needed more robust flavour from the sage butter

5 inch pizza of prawn, garlic, tomato and chilli salsa ($16) — quite small for the price but really good flavours and enjoyable salsa on top

Bill $88 for four, nice service that was helpful, quirky decor, sun shines through window at times

Love it

Love it

Love it

Kitchen where all the magic happens

Best toilet sign

Actually this is the best toilet sign

Design provides a bit of privacy

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Anonymous said...

Haven't been there but love the Lego decor! Food looks almost too fancy for it :)

Jacq said...

The lego signs are so cute! The food looks delicious, especially the rabbit and cauliflower popcorn

Cyndie @ Mademoiselle Slimalicious said...

I like the idea of having ocean trout cured with vodka! Yummy!

Gourmet Getaways said...

Oh GOD! This all looks so good, I love salmon and I could have eaten this whole plate on my own... and the popcorn... yes please!

Christine @ Cooking Crusade said...

This place is so cute - sharing plates is so fun to do with friends. What are those little spoons for?!

YaYa said...

Best. Toilet. Sign. EVER! The food looks might good too!

Simon Leong said...

hi lateraleating, anything lego is cool

hi jacq, you definitely have to try the popcorn

hi cyndie, a meal and drink in one ;-)

hi gourmet getaways, hope you get to try one day

hi christine, i still don't know what the spoons are for

hi yaya, i love a good toilet sign :-)

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